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Lunaz Rebuilds History’s Most Legendary Cars As High-Powered Electric Vehicles

Everything from cruise ships to off-road adventure bikes to hypercars is moving away from traditional combustion engines toward battery-powered alternatives. It’s no wonder. Electric motors are quieter, greener, more efficient, and, most importantly, faster. Now, one bold British customizer is breathing new life into automotive classics in a thoroughly electric way.

Lunaz Design

Lunaz is taking a future-forward approach to reviving the world’s most stunning automotive icons. The company’s proprietary electric drive train is designed to fit almost any vehicle, which dramatically streamlines the retrofitting process. The concept of converting gas-powered classics to alternative drive trains is nothing new. Both Aston Martin and Jaguar already offer similar services. Even a self-taught mechanic with enough time and dedication can swap the engine in their Mini Cooper or Volkswagen Vanagon for a cooking-oil-powered alternative. What sets Lunaz apart, however, is its specific commitment to restoring the most recognizable classic cars ever built.

The Lunaz website confirms, “Our aim is to give new life to a series of iconic classic vehicles by converting them to electric.” To date, the company has built just two examples. But, both — a 1953 Jaguar XK120 and a 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V — are stunning examples indeed. They’re proof that Lunaz is just getting started. “We intend to source a limited number of such vehicles, some that are no longer functional and create beautiful, clean and usable electric classic cars.”

The exact specs and performance numbers will vary for each car, and Lunaz has only released the Jaguar’s numbers so far. On paper, they’re a giant leap forward from the Jaguar’s original ‘53 release. Twin 188-horsepower motors, 516-lb-ft of torque, and an 80-kWh battery pack transform the otherwise “tame” coupe into a stealthy street racer. Coupled with regenerative braking, that sizable powerplant promises a 250-mile range, making it downright practical to boot.

Lunaz Design

Lunaz is also outfitting its restorations with a long list of modern conveniences to make its rides more attractive as daily drivers. Speed-sensitive variable assistance, a limited-slip differential, and a beefier transmission help bring the driving dynamics of its reborn rides into the 21st century. Every vehicle will also boast a touchscreen infotainment system with navigation, a Wi-Fi hot spot, and satellite connectivity.

When the company opens custom-build slots to the public in November, prices will vary widely depending on the model. If the two current models are any indication, buyers can expect to pay a hefty premium. Both the Phantom V and XK120 will sticker for $430,000.

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