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These are the most affordable luxury cars you can get

Looking for luxury on a budget?

2024 A3 Sedan

After a few years of rampant inflation, it’s easy to believe that affordable cars are a thing of the past and luxury vehicles are well beyond the reach of the average person. But that simply isn’t the case. If you’re into nice cars with some luxury touches, you can still find a new higher-end model for under $40,000. Okay, you’re not going to get a brand-new Rolls Royce at that price, but there are plenty of vehicles from major luxury manufacturers available to you.

If you want cheap luxury, you can look towards the used car market. Luxury cars tend to depreciate quite heavily after a few years. However, a new car is also a possibility. There are some caveats. Cheap new luxury cars tend to either be smaller than more expensive models, or lack certain features that you’re likely to see on vehicles that cost a little more. However, you can still get the luxury car experience from something in a lower price bracket. That includes things like leather interiors, quality suspension, and cutting-edge driver’s aids. Here are four of the cheapest new luxury cars on the market in 2024.

2024 Acura Integra S

2024 Acura Integra

When it comes to affordable luxury, it’s hard to beat Honda’s performance and luxury division. The Acura Integra is once again arguably the cheapest luxury sedan you’ll find, with an MSRP of just under $33,000. It looks the part, boasts reasonable fuel economy, and has enough toys to make even the worst driver seem competent. It’s also one of the better choices when it comes to sedans with legroom and storage space.

So what’s the catch? There’s a lot of overlap between the Integra and the noticeably cheaper Honda Civic — which starts at around $9,000 less than the most basic of Acura’s luxury options. Add in the fact that the Acura badge doesn’t carry as much prestige as Mercedes, or Audi, or even Lexus and you may begin to see one of the Civic’s better trims as a sensible alternative.

2024 Audi A3

2024 Audi A3

With Mercedes deciding to discontinue the A-Class, the field is now a lot narrower when it comes to small, affordable German luxury vehicles. One of the remaining options is the Audi A3, which retails for just under $36,000. While you’re unlikely to get as much power as an A4 or A6 would provide, Audi’s smaller offering’s 2-liter engine still offers some punch.

What it also has is many of the premium touches you would expect from a German luxury vehicle maker. So expect leather upholstery as standard, a solid infotainment system, and a whole host of driver’s aids included with even the most basic trim.

What you really miss out on with the A3, and similar cars in its class, is the interior room. In terms of legroom, the A3 is very similar to other vehicles in its class, like the BMW 2 series — though it has a smaller trunk than its rivals. If you don’t mind a smaller vehicle, then space may be an easy trade-off for some of the Audi A3’s finer luxury touches.

BMW 2 series

2024 BMW 2 Series

BMW is one of the best-established luxury car brands in the world, offering a combination of prestige, history, and cutting-edge car tech. The company’s 2024 models come with a proprietary infotainment system, arguably industry-leading driving aids and even unique types of leather. While you won’t get an i7 on a budget,  the 2 series will provide you with both the refined looks and comfortable interior you come to expect from the German brand — there’s also an extra aspect to consider. Like its bigger siblings, the three and five series, it’s a pretty sporty option. So, if the driving experience is every bit as important as comfort when it comes to your ideal vehicle, then the two series might be your best budget option.

Despite its status, you can still get yourself a Blimmer for less than $40,000. With a starting price just shy of $39,400, the 2 series comes in under budget, even if it is one of the pricier vehicles on our list. When it comes to negatives, the small vehicle may feel a little cramped compared to some of the other options in this price range.

2024 Cadillac CT4-V on the road

2024 Cadillac CT4

When it comes to American luxury, Cadillac has been at the forefront for a long time. Despite its status, a caddy doesn’t have to be expensive. A basic 2024 Cadillac CT4 costs around $36,000. The thing that stands out about the CT4 is something that stands out about Cadillac in general. The ride quality is great. Nothing says luxury like comfortably gliding along a pothole-riddled street.

While the badge is certainly there, and the ride quality is superb, there are some elements you wouldn’t expect when getting into a Cadillac. Firstly, the interior is a little cramped, which is strange as older Caddies had a reputation for being akin to a ballroom on wheels. Similarly, the interior is a touch drab, which may say more about American luxury cars on the whole than it does about this entry-level Cadillac. Still, at just under $36,000 — the CT4 is one of your best options when it comes to luxury rides on a limited budget. If you want a bit more room, the larger CT5 also scrapes in at just under $40,000.

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