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Bugatti teases its next hypercar before the June 20 reveal

Bugatti's promises the new hypercar will be a pinnacle of beauty, luxury, and performance

Bugatti hypercar hood with logo.
Bugatti / Bugatti

Only a few days have passed since Bugatti announced the completion of L’Ultime, the last Chiron Super Sport in the limited edition of 500. When Bugatti launched the Chiron in 2016, it was the first 300 mph production car.  Now, we learn that Bugatti will introduce its newest hypercar on June 20, 2024.

The famed French automaker isn’t sharing details about what promises to be its next automotive icon. However, the save-the-date news release includes a teaser image of what appears to be a hood and logo. Also, Bugatti may have dropped hints about the new car’s name when it identified past Bugattis that inspired the development of the new certain-to-be-limited-edition model.

Why a new Bugatti hypercar matters

Timelessness is a recurring theme of Bugatti founder Ettore Bugatti’s designs. Bugatti envisioned cars that represented the heights of beauty, luxury, and performance. Bugatti eschews annual model production calendars, favoring limited editions that epitomize the company’s design principles.

Bugattis may be rare, but they appear regularly on lists of the fastest cars in the world.  The hand-built hypercars adhere faithfully to design concepts with the slightest details in the cars.

What we know about the new Bugatti hypercar

Bugatti identified three past models that inspired the new hypercar. The cars were selected because each represents the height of one of the firm’s guiding standards for the new car. The three iconic vehicles are the Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic (the most beautiful), the Bugatti Type 41 Royale (the most luxurious), and the Bugatti Type 35 (the most successful race car).

Bugatti promises the new hypercar will have a new chassis and a performance-honed body for the car’s all-new V16 motor and electrified powertrain. I will take a wild guess and suggest that the combined power of the ICE and electric motors will be close to, if not more than, 2,000 horsepower with enough torque to ruin asphalt surfaces.

Bugatti stresses that the new hypercar will be an icon not just for the present, or even for the future, but ‘Pour l’éternité’ (for eternity). Because of the focus of that statement, I also suspect that either the first car produced or the hypercar itself will be named L’Eternite or simply Eternity.

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