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L’Ultime: The last 300 mph Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

Bugatti built the last Chiron, but a new hypercar is coming soon.

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport last of 500 direct front view with mirror reflection below.
Bugatti / Bugatti

Bugatti has completed the 500th Chiron, the last of the limited edition of 500. When Bugatti introduced the Chiron hypercar in 2016, it was the first production car capable of driving 300 miles per hour. The 1,500 PS (1,480 HP) Chiron was also the first street-legal car with that much power. Eight years later, Bugatti recently finished the hand assembly of “L’Ultime,” the final car in the 500-car series.

Since its 2016 debut, the Chiron has maintained its place as one of the fastest cars in the world. In June, Bugatti will introduce a new model to continue the Chiron legacy and join the firm’s stable of hypercars, including the Bolide and the W16 Mistral.

Why the Bugatti Chiron matters

L'Ultime Bugatti Chiron Super Sport last of 500 right rear three-quarter view.
Bugatti / Bugatti

The Bugatti Chiron represents the maker’s expression of the pinnacle of automotive design, craftsmanship, and performance. Because the Chirons are handbuilt to customer specifications, each model is unique. I’m sure there are some who purchase a  Chiron primarily for its investment value, but frankly, it’s tough to imagine anyone acquiring such a palpable work of artistic expression without a sense of reverence for what it is and what it represents.

L’Ultime, the 500th and last Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

There’s no escaping the fact that “L’Ultime” is the 500th Chiron. From nearly every angle and perspective, the number 500 or the car’s name is embossed, engraved, or otherwise captured. On the door sill, the seat backs, wheel caps, even on the underside of its articulated rear wing, the reminders are there. The number 500 is even engraved on the 16-cylinder engine cover housing.

The paint combination of French Racing  Blue and Atlantic Blue is a variation of the first Chiron. L’Ultime’s unnamed customer and the Bugatti team collaborated to add hand-written notes of events and places significant in the Chiron’s origin through the eight years of production.

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport L'Ultime rear view.
Bugatti / Bugatti

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