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Bruce Wayne is selling Dark Knight and Gotham Pininfarina hypercars

Bruce Wayne's spirit and four hypercars inhabit a Manhattan townhome

Battista Dark Knight with bat doors open with bats in the background.
Battista Dark Knight with bat doors open with bats in the background. Automobili Pininfarina / Automobili Pininfarina

If you’re a Batman fan or looking for a special gift for a Batman fan, how about a one-of-a-kind hypercar created by Automobili Pininfarina and sold by — wink, wink — Bruce Wayne Enterprises? The are four cars, but each is a one-off based on current Pininfarina hypercars, the Battista and Barchetta.

More on the specifics of the four cars below, but they are EVs, each with a 120 kWh battery and four motors that generate 1,900 horsepower — and yes, that’s per car, not 1,900 total horsepower combined for four cars. Zero-to-60 mph takes less than two seconds.

Why is Pininfarina selling Batmobiles?

Pininfarina displays the hypercars through the Wayne Enterprises Experience, a Warner Brothers Discovery Global Consumer Product and Relevance International event. The invitation-only event takes place only during this June. The experience occurs in a seven-story luxury townhouse on West 17th Avenue in New York City. The townhome is filled with luxury items, and everything is for sale.

The fictional backstory of the Wayne Enterprises Experience is that this townhome represents Batman’s home and headquarters in Gotham City. Bruce Wayne, Batman’s real identity when he wasn’t fighting crime, was a wealthy philanthropist. The Batman franchise celebrates its 85th anniversary this year, which prompted the Warner Bros. group to produce an immersive pop-culture experience based on Bruce Wayne and Batman’s dual persona.

Pininfarina participated in this event because Bruce Wayne represents their customer. “Bruce Wayne is a billionaire visionary entrepreneur committed to technological progress, and we have created unique and bespoke versions of Battista and B95 which include new features developed for his exclusive tastes and needs,” said Paolo Dellachà, Chief Executive Officer at Automobili Pininfarina.

Special features of Pininfarin’s Bruce Wayne Enterprises hypercars

Automobili Pininfarina X Wayne Enterprises Battista Dark Knight interior.
Automobili Pininfarina X Wayne Enterprises Battista Dark Knight interior. Automobili Pininfarina / Automobili Pininfarina

The two Pininfarina hypercars have two versions: the closed-roof Battista and the open Barchetta. The Dark Knight versions of the Battista and Barchetta feature black with gold accents and are designed to reflect Batman’s powerful and mysterious crime-fighting spirit. The Two Gotham models reflect Bruce Wayne’s personality with an emphasis on luxury, refinement, and style.

Those interested in applying for consideration for allocation of one or more of the Bruce Wayne hypercars are invited to provide contact information to receive information. The Pininfarina Battista hypercars cost $3.4 million, and the Barchetta models are $4.9 million.

Bruce Brown
Digital Trends Contributing Editor Bruce Brown is a member of the Smart Homes and Cars teams. He also writes technology news…
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