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Ford offers factory matte clear film to personalize your 2024 Mustang

If shiny isn't your thing, order your 2024 Mustang with a matte finish

2024 Ford Mustang with Matte Clear Film close view of the left front quarter panel.
Ford / Ford

Ford Motor Company recently added a new personalization option for the 2024 Ford Mustang. For an extra $5,995, the factory can add matte finish clear film to any 2024 Mustang paint color, starting with Mustang coupes now and convertibles this fall. Ford touts this option, elevated with caps as Matte Clear Film, as a unique way to personalize the car and add superior protection to the car’s exterior.

2024 Ford Mustangs with and without Matte Clear Film right front three-quarter view with the cars in an empty brick-wall warehouse.
Ford / Ford

Why does Ford bother with special appearance options?

One of the best aspects of being a car nut is personalizing your ride so it’s unlike any other vehicle you’ll see on the road. Ford encourages Mustang owners, ICEs, and EVs to indulge in special trims or accessories, such as with the 2024 Mustang GT California Special and the 2024 Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally.

Ford knows that enthusiastic owners tend to stay loyal to car brands and models and often attract other buyers. Special options can also add significant profit to a car sale, as suggested by the six-grand price tag for the matte finish clear film.

2024 Ford Mustang with Matte Clear Film direct profile view with the car in an empty brick-wall warehouse.
Ford / Ford

Why add a matte finish to your 2024 Ford Mustang

Shiny cars have been the rule for generations, but a few brands have offered matte finishes. According to Ford, the optional Matte Clear Film gives a smooth, satin-like finish to current Mustang paint colors. Ford claims its Matte Clear Film provides superior protection to aftermarket vinyl wraps. Ford covers the Matte Clear Film with the company’s standard  3-year/36,000-mile factory warranty to underscore the automaker’s belief in the appearance option.

Even more than just adding a unique look, Ford claims the 2024 Ford Mustang Clear Film protects the car surface from damage from bug splatter, bird droppings, road salt, and asphalt residue. You can also rest easier when cleaning your car, whether you wash it by hand or send it through a touchless car wash, Ford says, because the tough film, made by PPG, doesn’t succumb to strong commercial detergents.

2024 Ford Mustang with Matte Clear Film direct front view of hood with chrome air intake.
Ford / Ford

The 2024 Ford Mustang Matte Clear Film isn’t available for all new Mustangs. Models or trims with special graphics packages for the Mustang EcoBoost and GT or the GT California Special package are excluded. If you’re a fan of stripes but also like the matte finish look, you’ll need to make a tough choice because hood accent stripes and painted racing stripes won’t be available with Matte Clear Film.

If you order a Matte Clear Film for a Ford Mustang Dark Horse, which Ford says is the most track-capable 5.0-liter Mustang ever, the standard hood stripe will be deleted, and you cannot order an optional Painted Racing Stripe. Ford also wants you to know that you can delete the hood stripe graphic as a separate item on the Mustang Dark Horse if you stick with a traditional glossy paint job.

2024 Ford Mustang with Matte Clear Film right rear three-quarter view with the car in an empty brick-wall warehouse.
Ford / Ford
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