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Ducati’s New Scrambler Icon Gets More Style and Tech for 2021

Ducati’s New Scrambler
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It’s been four years since Ducati introduced its Scrambler brand of attainable, café-style motorcycles. In that time, the Italian manufacturer has sold more than 55,000 models worldwide. Building on its success, Ducati has introduced a face-lifted version of its entry-level bike dubbed the Scrambler Icon.

Stylistic modifications for the 2019 aren’t as significant as mechanical changes, but there are some worth noting. A new headlight with LED daytime running lights incorporates an “X” insignia as a nod to racing tape used on classic motos. Ducati tweaked the aluminum panels on both tank sides and offers interchangeable versions so owners can easily customize. Other changes include new machine-finished 10-spoke wheels, black coating for the engine, and a new seat design that is, Ducati claims, more comfortable. Importantly, the Scrambler’s look remains clean, muscular, and traditional.

Speaking of comfort, Ducati adjusted the Scrambler Icon’s suspension and ride position to make the new model more ergonomic. Wider handlebars with new switchgears make it easier for the rider to scroll the LCD instrument menu, which now includes fuel level and gear information. Bluetooth is also available for the first time to play music, answer calls, and read text messages via your smartphone.

The most significant change for 2019 is the introduction of Bosch Cornering ABS, a feature that has, until now, only been equipped on Ducati’s premium bikes. Think of this system as a safety net to help riders stay upright when traction disappears. Do something properly dumb and you’ll still find yourself separated from the Scrambler, but such innovations hope to prevent avoidable oopsies.

Ducati also tweaked the bike’s hydraulic clutch control for a softer feel and introduced adjustable brake and clutch levers. Power remains at 73 horsepower and 49 pound-feet of torque from Ducati’s 803cc L-twin engine.

The Scrambler Icon is available in Atomic Tangerine or classic ’62 Yellow, both with a black frame and a black seat with gray trim. The Icon will go on sale in November of this year, but pricing is still TBD. We expect it to retail for around the same $9,000 starting figure as the current model.

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