The Manual’s Top Five Slow Cookers


The modern man is measured by his ability to multi-task. You have to put time in at the office, at the gym and out to drinks and dinner with friends or dates. And you have to balance all that while keeping up with the latest news in pop culture, world news, and, of course, sports.

That kind of fast-paced, multifaceted life can get overwhelming—and expensive. So, that’s why every modern guy needs to have a slow cooker around his apartment or house. Not only does it help you to save time cooking meals during the hectic week, it’s also easy to use and master and can help to impress any significant others you are inviting over for dinner.

To further help you save time, The Manual has picked out the Top Five Slow Cookers that any man should know about. Click on the slide show above and gaze in wonder.