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Visit the Only Hotel in the World With a Working In-Room Flight Simulator

For most of us, flying is a painful but necessary evil to get where we’re going. For others, there’s no such thing as too many flights, too long a layover, or too many hotel stays. These borderline psychopaths are simply obsessed with every part of travel, often just for travel’s sake. For anyone who spends their time on the ground dreaming of getting back in the air, Tokyo’s Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu just debuted a specialty hotel room unlike any other.

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu
Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

The hotel’s sole Superior Cockpit Room looks like a basic, entry-level double room at any slightly upscale chain hotel. But, there’s one notable difference: The entire window has been replaced with a world-first, in-room flight simulator. The $92,000 installation is a full-size working replica of a Boeing 737-800 cockpit that offers wannabe pilots the chance to test their flying mettle. The 90-minute simulator experience includes a professional instructor to guide guests through their flight across Japan, including taking off from Haneda Airport and landing at Osaka International. Guests can choose day or night flights. Those who prefer to spectate rather than participate can book the room alone, and enjoy hands-off views of the glowing cockpit from behind a transparent acrylic divider.

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu Superior Cockpit Room Flight Simulator
Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

Inside and out, Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu looks like most any other modern, business-centric hotel. Its Premier Flyers rooms have long been popular with aviation lovers, however, because of their commanding views overlooking the Tokyo Airport. That the hotel already caters to hardcore travelers is what compelled the general manager to install the simulator as a way to differentiate it from Tokyo’s thousands of other hotels.

Guests can book the flight simulator experience a la carte for ¥30,000 (USD $277), or opt to add an overnight stay in the Superior Cockpit Room for an additional ¥25,300 (USD $234). The experience is only available on specific dates, so be prepared to book early. A hotel spokesperson confirms it’s been wildly popular, with slots selling out weeks in advance. Sadly, a pilot’s cap and uniform are not included.

If you’re looking for a similar plane-centric experience without the need to climb into the cockpit, check out these destinations where you can sleep in a grounded airplane.

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