This A-frame Cabin Rental Near Yosemite is Almost Impossible to Book

Yosemite Cabin Rental
A modest A-frame cabin nestled in California has quickly become a coveted retreat that’s booked as far out as late June 2018 — but why?

It couldn’t be because this modern hideout is built in a secluded section of the stunning Sierra National Forest near Yosemite National Park at a crisp 7,000 feet. Nah. Or because it’s surrounded by meadows, swimming holes, and fresh pastures grazed by mellow cows, not to mention tons of hiking trails. NBD. Plus, it’s not even worth mentioning that the sharp yet warmly designed house acts as your own private Yosemite cabin rental without the swarming crowds.

Okay, we’ll admit everything about this secluded vacation rental is dreamy to the max. Thank you,, for setting a new, impossible standard for our vacation digs. Instead of a dingy motel with brown-yellow sheets and towels, you can be sittin’ pretty in a classic A-frame with a modern twist, decked with floor-to-ceiling, honey-hued wood and hyper-simple furniture choices that promote meditation, introspection, and appreciation of the surroundings.

The pet-friendly rental sleeps four and was built with two queen-bed lofts and a floating spiral staircase. Get the full forest experience by firing up the wood-burning stove, the only means of heat — but, hey, that’s the kind of “roughing it” we like.

The kitchen is stocked with a four-burner stove and oven, a small fridge/freezer, and utensils, which is all you’ll ever need. A large wood table with retro pea-colored chairs completes the kitchen and dining nook of the open first floor. Closer to the front windows, you’ll find a lounge chair and futon couch (also a natural leaf-green shade).

Climbing the staircase to the lofts you’ll find two beds on separate levels, which provide just enough privacy without feeling blocked off from the warmth of the house. The beds sit directly on the floor in a refreshingly grounded design choice, while the large shared bathroom keeps tone with the natural, stripped-down wood vibe. There’s nothing overtly fancy or luxurious about any of it, yet, somehow, that’s exactly why we love this rental.

At $275 per night for two guests, ($50 per extra person, plus an optional teepee for additional guests), it’s quite obvious why this modest A-frame has been packed day-to-day with visitors responding to their call of the wild. We can imagine retreating here for months at a time, writing our great novel and getting back to an uncomplicated way of living (without Twitter beefs or car insurance fees).

At this very moment, other visitors might be enjoying a fresh cup of coffee on the wooden deck, taking in the wilderness while sitting at the outside breakfast table with friends. Or lighting a bonfire as the sun sets, tired from a day of exploring and reflection. One reviewer called this cabin a “hidden gem,” but advised, to “bring an SUV with good tires.”

But, I mean, that sounds so-so.


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