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Why popular travel destinations like Aspen will become more expensive in 2024

Travel is getting more expensive

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If you are planning your 2024 vacations, you may notice many popular travel destinations with a heftier price tag. As we move into the new year, there are a few vacation destinations that were once budget-friendly that will now require you to set aside a little more money. Several factors, such as inflation, infrastructure developments, and an influx of post-pandemic travel, will make many popular locations such as Aspen, Amsterdam, and Venice more expensive than ever in 2024. 

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Why are certain travel destinations becoming more expensive in 2024?

There are several factors that contribute to certain destinations becoming more expensive in 2024. One significant factor is the recovery of the travel industry from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. As demand for travel increases, popular destinations may experience a surge in visitors, leading to higher demand for accommodation, transportation, and attractions. This increased demand, coupled with the need for tourism businesses to recover from financial losses incurred during the pandemic, may result in higher prices for various services.

Additionally, inflation can play a role in driving up costs. Inflation affects the overall economy, leading to increased prices for goods and services. This can extend to the tourism sector, impacting the prices of accommodations, food, transportation, and other travel-related expenses.

Infrastructure development and maintenance costs can also contribute to the rising expenses of popular tourist destinations. As these cities strive to provide improved facilities and experiences for visitors, investments in infrastructure projects and the upkeep of attractions may lead to increased operational costs, which could be reflected in higher prices for tourists.  

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Cities that are set to get more expensive this year

If you are looking to plan a budget-friendly vacation this year, then there are a few destinations that you may want to avoid. These are the cities that will require you to shell out a bit more money in 2024.

Porto, Portugal

Travelers planning a visit to Porto in 2024 should be prepared for potential increases in accommodation rates, dining costs, and other expenditures associated with the city’s popularity as a tourist destination. In 2023, Porto welcomed over 30 million visitors, breaking the previous tourism records for the country. This is only projected to grow in 2024, and the rise in popularity will ultimately drive prices up. Additionally, Ryanair, one of Europe’s premier low-budget airlines, is cutting flights to the city, which means that it may be more expensive to fly into Porto.

Aspen, Colorado

In a recent report from Savills, Aspen, Colorado, was once again ranked as the priciest luxury ski resort for the 2023-24 season, with prices up 2.3% annually. Aspen’s reputation as a luxury destination may contribute to rising costs, as upscale resorts and high-end amenities cater to a certain clientele.  

Bangkok, Thailand

In recent years, Bangkok has been one of the top destinations for low accommodation prices. However, this is expected to change in the new year. The city is expected to see a surge of travelers in 2024, which will greatly increase the prices of accommodation. Prices of boutique hotels and Airbnbs in the capital city are rising quickly, so book as far in advance as you can if you are heading to Thailand for vacation.  

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tourism in The Netherlands has been on the rise over the past few years, and the city is starting to do something about it. Beginning in 2024, Amsterdam is increasing the tourist tax from 7% to 12.5%, making it the highest tourist tax in Europe. “This allows us to address the consequences of over-tourism and direct additional resources to keep the streets clean and solving acute problems in neighborhoods and districts,” Hester van Buren, deputy mayor for finance, said in a statement.

Venice, Italy

Due to over-tourism, Venice has recently proposed new restrictions for travelers heading to the City of Water. One of these restrictions is a fee for travelers who want to enter the city for a day trip. On certain days between April and July of 2024, there will be a 5 euro ($5.45) fee to enter the city. 

Mexico City, Mexico

Flying to Mexico City will get more expensive in 2024. For the first time in 13 years, the airport use fee (TUA) for Mexico City International Airport will increase by 3.2%. Fees for airlines will also increase by nearly 77%, causing airlines to charge more for tickets to Mexico City. Additionally, as Mexico City becomes a more popular travel destination, hotel and dining fees are steadily increasing.

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Bali, Indonesia

Bali has been facing many issues with tourists, including people disrespecting sacred mountains and disobeying laws that the island has set in place. Tourists have already been banned from renting bikes, and the island has vowed to deport visitors for disrespectful behavior. In 2024, the island will be introducing a tourist fee of $10 per person. 

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Start planning your vacations early

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly vacation destination, then there are several places for you to choose from. However, just because these travel destinations are becoming more expensive in 2024 doesn’t mean you should stay away entirely. There are a few travel tips you can keep in mind to make your trip to places like Aspen or Venice a little more affordable.

 Firstly, you should plan your trip well in advance to take advantage of early booking discounts on travel-related expenses. You can also opt for budget-friendly accommodation options like hostels or vacation rentals and explore public transportation or walking instead of relying on taxis or car rentals.

You should also be strategic with the time of year you are traveling, as off-peak seasons can offer much more affordable options. Also, make sure you keep an eye on promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs offered by travel-related services to maximize your savings and make your 2024 travel experience more affordable.

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