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Sleep in Dublin’s Most Exclusive and Thirst-Slaking Bedroom with the “Night at Guinness Storehouse” Contest

guinness storehouse contest
It’s hard to imagine a more quintessentially Irish-themed experience than spending the night at the Guinness Storehouse.

The closest most visitors and Dublin locals can expect to such an experience is taking a whirlwind tour through the iconic brewery and enjoying their free pint of “the black” at the top floor bar. But, actually sleeping at the brewery is another matter entirely. Through a limited promotional partnership with, Guinness is giving one winner (and a lucky guest) the opportunity to do just that. The grand prize promises “a stout-steeped, Toucan-themed experience” that culminates with a one-night stay in a pop-up loft hotel room in the penthouse Gravity Bar. The swanky accommodations will be outfitted with a round “perfect pint”-inspired bed, a state-of-the-art Sonos music system, life-sized Jenga, a pool table, and an on-call butler.

The winner receives a private tour that begins at Arthur Guinness’s original Thomas Street home and continues over centuries-old railways and through the streets and hidden tunnels of Dublin before finishing at the Storehouse. The on-site tour includes an intimate lesson on the essentials of pouring the perfect pint before enjoying a pint of your own at the Gravity Bar. The bar is known as the pinnacle of the brewery’s famous tour and provides 360-degree views of downtown Dublin. The full VIP treatment also features unlimited access to the Guinness tasting bar and beer-related trivia.

After a few hours of relaxing at the brewery, a Guinness Beer Specialist and an Executive Chef collectively serve a private six-course dinner. The Guinness-inspired fare includes grilled scallops, beef filet with Guinness au jus, oysters three ways, and Guinness chocolate mousse. Following a full Irish breakfast the next morning, Master Brewer Peter Simpson will provide additional details on the company’s brewing basics and what makes Guinness special.

The winner and guest also receive roundtrip airfare, all ground transfers, and $400 in Airbnb credits to extend their stay in the capital city.

How to Enter

Just visit the official contest page on and, in 550 characters or less, spell out what makes you the world’s biggest Guinness fan. To be redeemed for the night of April 24, 2017.

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