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This new tracker is just like an Apple Airtag — but with some cool features

Motorola Moto Tags

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget life’s essentials. When you wake up and head out the door, it’s a given you’ll have your wallet, keys, phone, and backpack. While simple necessities, these items ensure a productive day and getting from point A to point B. Misplacing even one can lead to frustration and lost time.

The Apple AirTag avoids that scenario, with a small medallion you can attach to almost anything. No more lost keys and being stuck far from home. The tag sends out a secure Bluetooth signal, recognizable by your iPhone, leading you to your lost goods. That’s indispensable when you’re on the go.

Now, Motorola brings a competing design to the fore with the Moto Tag. Though it offers a similar size and function, it has one feature that sets it apart. For Android users, it’s a win. Here are the details.

Motorola Moto Tag: Now Android users can track (and find) anything

Motorola phones with Moto Tag and accessories

Losing keys, luggage, or other essentials is one of life’s great inconveniences. You’re in a parking lot after a concert, and for some reason, your keys disappear. Or, you’ve enjoyed a meal, and when you’re ready to pay, you can’t find your wallet. Then there’s the search. What a pain. Thankfully, the Apple AirTag solves the issue, letting you track and find anything. Now,  Motorola’s Moto Tag joins the party, giving Android users extra functionality and convenience. 

Google’s latest Find My Device network debuted on April 8. Prior to that, the network could only find Android phones connected to the internet. Was it useful? Sure. But not anywhere close to Apple’s Find My system for AirTags and iPhones. 

With the latest version, Find My Device expands to include nearly anything, whether it has location tracking and an internet connection or none at all. The network is compatible with Bluetooth trackers and can tap into billions of Android devices worldwide to help locate an item. 

Moto Tag has the functionality you’d expect, with the ability to track and locate essentials via an Android device. But it also has a nifty feature that AirTag doesn’t — a button that makes your phone ring. In the center of the tag, there’s an integrated button on the “M” logo that you can press to make your phone ring. 

Beyond that, you can also use the button for the video recording button or camera shutter on a Motorola phone. No more setting the camera timer and hoping for a good picture or capturing haphazard videos on the go. 

The Moto Tag debuts on August 2, 2024, with a single unit costing $29.99 and four for $99.99. A Moto Tag app will let you customize your preferences. 

Motorola Moto Tag: Peace of mind for everyday essentials

Motorola razr phone
Thai Nguyen via Unsplash

Losing essential items — like your wallet, keys, or phone — puts a dent in your day. What was supposed to be a fun trip or a productive workday turns into a scavenger hunt. Though sometimes things work out, other times you have to replace lost items for a time-consuming hassle that could’ve been avoided. Motorola’s Moto Tag ensures that doesn’t happen, and its button lets you locate your phone or remotely capture pictures and video. Add in Google’s expansive Find My Device Network, and you’ve got an accessory well worth the price.

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