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Farmhouse Catskills Brings Swanky, Mid-Century Modern Panache to Rural New York

Peter Crosby/Farmhouse Catskills

There’s an undeniable draw to owning a private cabin in the woods. Why wouldn’t there be, when pulling the ripcord on society for a weekend or a month is the perfect digital detox? But, vacationing in a cabin doesn’t need to mean living like a doomsday prepper (unless you’re into that). For the man who dreams of a designer cabin that blends rustic living, vintage charm, and sophisticated swagger, there’s Farmhouse Catskills.

Just two hours north of downtown NYC in the heart of the Catskills, Farmhouse Catskills delivers on a singular mission: “To bring the glory of the Catskills to a new generation.” It’s a deft blend of classic farmhouse and cabin designs with classy mid-century modern updates. The centerpiece of the 78-room hotel is an iconic, century-old building with a central fireplace and numerous terraces, garden hangouts, and spaces that all serve as the hub for its social scene. There are even a farm-to-table restaurant and a 1930s-speakeasy-style bar. A reconstructed, 1869 English hay press barn also serves as the dedicated event space for weddings, exhibits, and retreats.

Peter Crosby/Farmhouse Catskills

Inside, the design is unabashedly hip and vibrant. Every porch, hallway, and alcove is a neat-as-a-pin, Instagram-worthy relaxation spot that feels designed by a team of Wes Anderson proteges. A distinct, earth-inspired color scheme, and the liberal use of wood and other organic materials like Egyptian cotton linens and jute rugs exude a back-to-nature feel. Oil-rubbed light fixtures, custom-made furniture, and wide oak floorboards all elevate the aesthetic far above most traditional cabins in the woods. All 75 rooms offer upscale amenities like Gilchrist & Soames toiletries and picture windows, some with lake views. The three flagship suites upgrade to spacious layouts with two-person soak tubs, designer, 1950s-inspired Americano furniture, and signature floor-standing TVs.

Depending on what you’re after, the real draw of Farmhouse Catskills might be what lies outside. The property is ideally situated deep in the Catskills where a vast world of outdoor adventure awaits just steps from the lobby. In the summer, kayaking, hiking, cycling, golf, and horseback riding are all minutes away, plus nearby Roscoe is often considered the fly-fishing capital of the United States. Other neighboring towns and villages, including Jeffersonville, Callicoon, and Bethel Woods are home to quirky antique stores, mom-and-pop shops, artisan studios, art galleries, whiskey and gin distilleries, and microbreweries.

Peter Crosby/Farmhouse Catskills

Room rates for an entry-level Farmhouse Twin start around $160 for midweek stays throughout the year, while Suites run north of $400 per night. 

For a disconnected, tech-free alternative, check out Lost Whiskey Club — an exclusive designer retreat in the rolling hills of Virginia.

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