Beyond the Bucket List: How to Vacation Like a One-Percenter

There are luxury vacations, and then there are luxury vacations. Most of us will experience the former at some point in our lives — on honeymoon, winning big on The Price Is Right, or celebrating the Miami Dolphins finally winning a damn playoff game.

However, there are some luxury vacations designed to tick the boxes off even the most ambitious bucket lists. For those, we look to Black Tomato, an elite tour provider whose annual Luxe List takes bucket list travel to an almost absurd level. For 2018, they’re going bigger and bolder with a host of extravagant, once-in-a-lifetime experiences you never knew you wanted. Here are five of our favorites.

Personal Champagne Concert Inside an Icelandic Volcano

Thrihnukagigur Volcano

Champagne. Iceland. Volcanoes. Any one of these things is pretty awesome. But why not combine all three into one ridiculous, over-the-top private experience? For this, Black Tomato will fly you and (presumably) someone you really like via chartered helicopter into the crater of an Icelandic volcano. There, you’ll experience a private operatic concert and a Champagne toast, while golf-clapping and pretending you’re a Bond villain. Price from USD $25,000 per couple.

Arctic F1 Supercar Racing Under the Northern Lights

Driving an F1 supercar is something most mortal men dream of doing, but probably never will. Ditto driving an F1 supercar across a frozen lake in Swedish Lapland (high above the Arctic Circle) on a full-scale replica of one of four legendary Formula 1 tracks, including Silverstone, Nürburgring, and Paul Ricard. Black Tomato ups the ante further by timing this experience to coincide with the Northern Lights. The stable for this package includes some of the world’s most exclusive rides: Porsche GT3, Maserati Ghibli S Q4, and Maserati GranTurismo Sport. Price from USD $5,000 per person.

Explore the African Continent via Private Flying Safari

There’s a lot more to Africa than taking a traditional safari. If you’ve got five, well-heeled friends, Black Tomato is happy to prove it to you. Via private Cessna on their Flying Safari, travelers will cross the African continent from the Namibian desert to Botswana’s Okavango Delta to the Zambian savannah and Lake Malawi, before ending over the stunning islands of Mozambique. The 14-day itinerary soars over every imaginable ecosystem in Africa, providing a thorough view and appreciation of the vast and varied landscapes the continent has to offer. Price from USD $158,000 for six guests (all-inclusive).

Private Breakfast and Sunrise Fly-over of the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is, well, pretty great — unless you’ve ever attempted a visit during peak season trying to elbow your way through a crowd of thousands. Black Tomato can arrange a private sunrise helicopter flight over the wall before landing on the Mutianyu section. There, you and your companion will be served a gourmet breakfast, then tour the world-famous landmark with a professional historian, all before the crowds arrive. Price from USD $3,400 per couple.

Night at the Museum, Dinner at the Palace

If you love fine art but hate crowds, the exclusive Night at the Museum package may suit you. After the snap-happy crowds disperse from the Louvre, guests are provided an exclusive tour of the legendary Paris museum. Alongside a gallery curator and private guides, you’ll explore 10 of its greatest masterpieces, plus a few the public has never seen. Because that’s not enough, the tour is followed by a private “Grand Siecle’”dinner at Versailles, courtesy of a team of Michelin-starred chefs. Price from USD $29,000 per person.

Featured image courtesy of Ullstein Bild/Getty Image.

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