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The 6 Best RV Rentals in San Diego

Recreational vehicle (RV) travel has an appeal like never before. The freedom of driving and the chance to explore America’s wealth of national parks and scenic topography is especially attractive to adventurers who have been trapped at home for the past year.

Now that you’re sold on renting an RV for your next getaway, let’s discuss the best RV rentals in San Diego, California. Outdoorsy is your one-stop shop for RV rentals. They’re essentially the Airbnb of RV rentals. How it works: Owners list their personal RVs on the site with descriptions and images. Potential renters can select from a number of RV options in the area depending on which suits their travel needs the most. Ultimately, owners make money off of their own RVs when they’d normally be sitting idle, which in turn, gives more options to renters. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Outdoorsy RV rentals in San Diego.

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Jammin’ Jasmine 2009 Mercedes Sprinter

Jasmine is labeled as being good for couples and very Instagrammable. Jasmine sleeps two people, is pet friendly, and is stocked with every adventurer’s wish such as surfboard straps and yoga mats. Jasmine ranges from $48 to $88 USD/night.

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Obsidian The Luxury Van

Labeled as good for couples and families, Obsidian is a 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 that sleeps two. Obsidian’s full off-grid solar electrical system, filtered water (no need to buy plastic jugs), eco-friendly bamboo flooring, and option for compostable toilet makes it a very eco-friendly travel option. Between the panoramic windows, open-air layout, the rustic details, and the modern apartment-style amenities, renting Obsidian feels more like renting a tiny home on wheels than it will feel like roughing it. Obsidian is $210 USD/night.

2012 Keystone Cougar Bunkhouse

This newly renovated bunkhouse sleeps six and is good for couples, families and friends. It is fully equipped with all the amenities (and more) that you could think of. This RV rental truly feels like you never left your home, in fact, it may be even more luxurious than your home! Keystone Cougar ranges from $150 to $175 USD/night.

2020 16′ Airstream Bambi

This Bambi (named Irene) sleeps four and is good for couples, families, and groups. Irene has a beautiful interior design, making it a very photogenic RV option. Unlike many larger trailers you will be able to explore the national parks system (which usually restricts a lot of trailers due to their length) and beyond with Irene’s small but mighty and fierce capabilities. Bambi is $150 USD/night.

Vanna White the Posh Van

Vanna White is a 2020 Ford Transit Cargo van camper that sleeps two and is perfect for couples. The kitchen and bed even have dimmer lighting to set the vibe. Vanna White is $200 USD/night.

2012 Forest River Wildwood Bunkhouse

This newly renovated trailer is ideal for a family of four to six. This beautifully designed trailer has ample wrap-around seating, a cozy loveseat bench that features additional storage below and an ottoman to watch a movie, read a book, or listen to some music. The master bedroom has two sliding doors for privacy, and plenty of storage for clothes. Travelers are certain to get a restful night’s sleep on the new memory foam mattress. Forest River ranges from $150 to $175 USD/night.

Benefits of Renting an RV

Here are the benefits of renting an RV versus road tripping in a car and staying in a hotel.

  1. RV travel allows for flexible planning. In an RV, you’re able to spontaneously change plans and directions, linger longer in a particular spot and not have to rush to make it to a hotel by nightfall.
  2. You probably don’t have to skimp on items. RV travel basically allows you to bring the comforts of your home without feeling crammed. Read as: perfect for anyone who normally can’t travel with just a carry-on. RV travel is perfect for if you want to bring along board games, a plethora books, or unlimited snacks.
  3. It’s a way to connect with nature. Tent camping is great and all, but RV camping allows you to enjoy the sounds and sights of nature while sleeping comfortably on a mattress… sans insects.
  4. You’ll appreciate the quality time. RV travel allows you to get closer to your travel partners (even pets) in a more spacious, albeit enclosed, setting than if in a sedan or SUV.

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