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Explore the Dark World of Tim Burton in Hollywood’s Beetle House Pop-up Bar

Tim Buton
Marcio Machado / Contributor
Filmmaker Tim Burton certainly has a knack for theatrics. Recall Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, and Beetlejuice (… Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!). Few cities embrace that same over-the-top flair like Hollywood, California. So, it seems fitting that someone would seek to open an “all things Tim Burton”-style pop-up restaurant in the heart of one of the city’s most artistic districts.

Beetle House officially opened in May inside the famed Prospect Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. The theater’s dinner space has been outfitted with a host of elaborate kitsch, all inspired by Burton’s dark, unique film style. The stage has been temporarily converted into an interactive, almost-life-size replica of the fake town in which Beetlejuice was set. Memorabilia from other Burton films, plus vintage medical tools and other oddities adorn the space as well. The entire affair is staffed with magicians, freak show performers, and costumed actors dressed like Willy Wonka, Edward Scissorhands, and the like who more than play up the theme. Patrons are also encouraged to dress accordingly.

Novelty aside, Beetle House is a full-service restaurant/bar with Burton-inspired food and cocktails. Expect dinner specialties like Sweeney Beef, Evil Dead Shrimp, and the Edward Burgerhands (yes, really), and the menu notes: “all meat sourced locally from 100% innocent humans.” The drink menu offers the same level of kitsch. Think sweet pumpkin-spiced drinks that recall Jack Skellington and black-and-white cocktails a la Beetlejuice.

The concept originally launched in New York’s East Village more than a year ago. While it was slated to be a temporary pop-up restaurant/bar with a 45-day run, crowds packed the intimate space nightly. It’s since become semi-permanent with no end-date yet announced. Owner Zach Neil has the same plan for the Hollywood location, and will likely keep it open as long as Burton fans keep showing up. Neil was also responsible for L.A.’s wildly popular Will Ferrell-themed pop-up bar, Stay Classy which ran for just ten days.

Beetle House is currently taking reservations for Wednesday through Sunday nights.

Kitschy? Sure, but how cool is it to be able live inside the Beetlejuice world, if only for a drink or two?

Image Courtesy of Marcio Machado/Getty Images

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