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Vodka, Iceland, and More With Reyka Vodka Ambassador Trevor Schneider

Which new bourbon are we pumped about? What does it take to be a master journeyman? Where are we excited to travel to next? Each week, The Manual Podcast invites an expert, artisan, or craftsman for a roundtable discussion on what’s new, exciting, and unique in their trade.

For this week’s episode of The Manual Podcast, Greg and Sam sit down Reyka Vodka Brand Ambassador Trevor Schneider to talk all things Reyka Vodka (and Iceland).

To begin, Schneider talks about how he became a brand ambassador, and from there, how he got connected with Reyka (After Sam describes his latest hobby, of course … because it wouldn’t be a quarantine podcast without one, after all.)

After his own history, Schneider digs into what makes Reyka vodka unique — and it isn’t just because it comes from the wonderland that is Iceland (seriously, when travel is allowed, you should go). Schneider even gives a bit of a language lesson to Greg and Sam to teach them a thing or two, just in case they go.

Next, they discuss how best to use vodka, some great cocktails to use it in, and why vodka as a category should not be overlooked (hint: It can be used in practically everything). Schneider even gives some tips for how to cook with vodka in dishes that aren’t vodka sauce (ideas that Sam is very ready to try out ASAP).

Are you a vodka drinker? Do you hate vodka? Why? If you drink it, what is your favorite way to use it? Let us know. We want to hear from you. If you ever have a question or comment for The Manual Podcast folks, give us a shout at — we’re always around! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you can join the discussion. Don’t forget, too, to rate and review the podcast where you download it.

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