Zoom Grooming with Celebrity Barber Kenny Duncan

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Which new bourbon are we pumped about? What does it take to be a master journeyman? Where are we excited to travel to next? Each week, The Manual Podcast invites an expert, artisan, or craftsman for a roundtable discussion on what’s new, exciting, and unique in their trade.

For this week’s episode of The Manual Podcast, Christian, Greg, and Sam sit down with Andis educator and celebrity barber Kenny Duncan.

Moving into week 1,352 of quarantine, it’s a safe bet that among other things, your hair might be starting to look a little … rough. You’re not alone in that. In order to help, we asked Duncan for tips and tricks on cutting one’s own hair.

First, though, we had to know: How does one become a celebrity barber? Turns out, it’s equal parts being good at what you do and knowing people who open doors for you. (It helps, too, when you become an ambassador and educator for a clippers company — a job that was supposed to last one year, until it didn’t.)

After giving his back story, Duncan dives into the dos and don’ts of quarantine grooming. You might be shocked, but a lot of people are messing their hair up in an attempt to not look so messed up. A key tip? Keep it simple.

Finally, Duncan discusses what you can do to support your local barber during these quarantine times. From donations to reaching out and more, he gives plenty of ideas to show your barber that you appreciate them, even if you can’t go in.

Have you attempted to cut your own hair? What about trimming your beard? How did it go? Want to show us? Let us know. We want to hear from you. If you ever have a question or comment for The Manual Podcast folks, give us a shout at podcast@themanual.com — we’re always around! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you can join the discussion. Don’t forget, too, to rate and review the podcast where you download it.

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