The Ultimate Road Trip Prep Guide from The Manual Podcast Crew

From the essentials to make any trip successful (not just snacks like Goldfish or beef jerky, but practical items like a portable coffee maker or a cutting board) to some of the more iconic routes that you can take in the U.S., the gang digs into what makes road trips so great (hint: tourist traps are involved).

Along the way, road trip tips and tricks — and even a horror story or two — are shared in what shapes up to be an episode worthy of listening to not just on your way to work, but on your way to your next adventure, too. We do recommend listening to it before your trip, though, to make sure you are prepared for the journey you’re about to go on. No one wants to be stranded and ill-prepared, after all.

Do you have a favorite road trip route? What about some essentials for when you get on the road? Let us know! Or, if you have a question for The Manual podcast crew, give us a shout at — we’re always around! Be sure to subscribe and rate the podcast where you get it, then follow us on Facebook and Twitter, too.

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