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Why Walmart Is the Best Place to Buy a Grill on Prime Day

Are you keen to add a grill to your garden setup or looking to upgrade an existing aging grill in your backyard? If so, you might think it’s a smart move to wait until the Prime Day deals show up on Amazon but, actually, that’s not the case when it comes to the best grill deals. Amazon offers some good deals on a range of grills but there’s one key retailer that continues to offer a wider variety of grills and at often better prices — Walmart.

Why is Walmart Better than Amazon for Grills?

Simply put, Walmart has a much larger selection of quality grills than Amazon does. The retailer stocks some major household names like Weber and Dyna-Glo encompassing every budget and requirement imaginable. Check out Walmart’s Grill section and you’ll see what we mean. Besides all your favorite brands, the site has every type of grill you could possibly need too. Combine that with our look at the best pellet grills, the best portable grills, best camping grills, and the best charcoal grills and you have all the knowledge you could need for buying the right grill for you and your household.

What Kind of Deals Does Walmart Offer?

Typically, Walmart offers larger discounts than Amazon. Alongside The Home Depot, it’s the best retailer for grills. Crucially, The Home Depot hasn’t confirmed a sale right now while Walmart has its own Walmart Prime Day sale in the form of its Deals for Days sale, so Walmart is the stand-out choice if you’re looking for a grill in particular.

Deals are varied at Walmart which means there’s almost always some kind of grill or smoker on sale at any one time. This encompasses every budget too with categories available for under $200 right up to grills that cost thousands but with substantial discounts tied to them.

Keep an eye out for bundle deals too as, after all, you’ll need more than just a grill to get the most out of outdoor cooking and Walmart sometimes discounts those bundles too.

What Other Advantages Does Walmart Provide?

Walmart has a significant advantage over Amazon in that it has a physical presence. While it’s often more convenient to have a new grill delivered to your door via Walmart’s 2-day delivery service, it’s still possible to head to the store and take a look for yourself. If you’ve got the room in your vehicle, you can even take it home right there and then.

Ultimately though, we think the big advantage here is that you can take a look and check the grill has the right aesthetic for your surroundings and is the right size too. It’s far easier than trying to visualize something based on a website listing alone. Combined with better discounts and more choice, you can’t go wrong with Walmart as the go-to place to buy a grill.

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