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Last-Minute Prime Day Deal: Save 27% Off This Gerber Multitool

Gerber Suspension-NXT Multi-Tool

This year’s two-day Prime Day event is winding down, but there are still great Prime Day deals to be had. For outdoor lovers, that includes plenty of best-of-the-year Prime Day Camping Deals. Right now, one of our favorites is this Gerber multitool that’s available for nearly a third off the retail price. Like everything on Prime Day sale right now, this one is likely to sell out fast. If you want it, go and get it now.

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Gerber’s Suspension-NXT Multi-Tool is the more compact but just as capable little brother to the beloved Suspension. It’s a basic multitool for avid outdoorsmen looking for a reliable backup or a pared-down primary tool for their EDC. While it features a slim form factor, it delivers all the essentials, including a partially serrated blade, spring-loaded pliers, multiple drivers, scissors, an awl, and a file, plus bottle and can openers. Plus, every tool features a locking, outboard design, making the entire multitool safer and easier to use. It attaches wherever you need it courtesy of a lanyard point or a pocket clip. The latter allows it to rest deep in your pocket or out of the way on your belt when not in use.

Gerber Suspension-NXT Multi-Tool

We’ve long been fans of Gerber’s entire line of reliable, affordable, well-built hand tools. The brand’s Fastball has been our go-to EDC knife for a while now. Last year, it took its lineup to another level by launching a custom knife shop where buyers can build the knife that personally suits their everyday carry. Beyond “mere” blades, Gerber’s catalog of additional tools from camp cutlery to hatchets is solid as well.

Even modestly priced multitools can run around $100. The Gerber Suspension-NXT Multi-Tool typically retails for the bargain price of just $35. During this year’s Prime Day event, however, you can score more than $9 off, for a total of only $25 with free two-day shipping. This is a fantastic deal that will almost certainly sell out. So, buy one for yourself, one for your pops, and a few more for every outdoor-loving friend in your squad.

Still looking for alternatives? Check out our roundup of the best EDC knives to keep in your pocket.

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