Nomadix Towels: No More Smelly, Dirty Towels while Traveling


Have you ever been on out camping or on the beach, or like me this week, camping on a beach? If you had to bring your own towel, then you’ll know exactly what I went through.

I don’t mind roughing it, and since I didn’t have that much space in my bag, I brought just one towel, meant to last me for a few nights of camping out on the beach. By day, I used it to sit on and dry off, and by night, it would dry on a tree. By the end of the third day, that thing smelled. Like really badly. I wish I had a towel that could have stayed fresh and clean the whole time.

Too bad I didn’t have a Nomadix towel. It had all the ideal features of the towel that I needed. It’s made out of 100 percent recycled material, and it’s good for camping, the beach, and even to towel off after yoga. It’s also quick dry, antimicrobial, and way more packable than that thick beach towel I had with me while I camped out on the white-sand, crystal-clear tourquoise-watered Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico. It’s also super absorbent, reversible, light weight, durable, and for those of us who hate that musty smell, quick drying!

And for those of you who like to have a little personal touch on your camping or beach towel, the Nomadix towel has a number of designs, colors and patterns for you to choose from a cool palm desert print, to earthy Baja stripes. Now I just have to get one so that next time I’m camping on the beach I’m stuck with a dirty towel that smells like something I would not want to put near my body. Now I just need to decide on which Nomadix towel to get.

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