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Prime Day Deal: Turn Any Bag Into a Hydration Pack with This Durable Bladder


Whether you’re through-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail or attending a hot, dusty music festival this summer, there are plenty of instances in which a cool sip of something is necessary and a bottle just won’t hold enough. That’s why we heartily recommend picking up the Lanney Two Liter Hydration Bladder,, which can slip into any bag from Osprey to Supreme, turning it into a beverage-dispensing vehicle. Right now, it’s 25% off through Amazon Prime Day deals.

In the 2000s, Camelbak became the most famous of the hydration bladder companies in the world. And for good reason: These bladders took the bottle concept of hydration and made it even easier, providing a nipple-like, easily accessible system for consistent, hands-free hydration while on the move. The item’s ubiquity within the hiking space became such that most packs made today by most brands include a dedicated slot and port for a hydration bladder and its attached exit tube.

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But gone are the days when only one company rules the roost, and competitors, including Lanney, provide excellent alternatives at a fraction of the price. Because of this, you can take most brands of bags and, pairing them with most brands of bladders, end up with a water-dispensing machine with more capacity than any bottle. A supplemental bladder is awesome for long hikes during which water may be infrequent or not present. After all, it’s better to have more with you than less, especially if something unexpected takes place. But it’s also great in a variety of non-life-or-death situations, including many public settings this summer in which drinking fountains aren’t readily available and purchasing beverages would become too expensive.

The Lanney Hydration Bladder is made from food-grade TPU synthetic material that is easily sterilized between uses and is thick enough to resist bursting should you take a fall. It’s also BPA-free and FDA certified. Its attached tube is made from TPU and comes with an insulated sleeve, ensuring that your first sip is as cold as your last. When not in use, its mouthpiece has a shutoff valve to prevent unintended discharges, while an attached cover slips on to keep dirt and debris from adhering between drinks.

With the bladder comes a modest cleaning kit, including a hanger attachment for drying it after cleaning as well as multiple brushes for cleaning its various diameters. Look, we’re not saying you should use this with beer instead of water at various public events, but if you were, you can ensure that this week’s parade won’t taste like last week’s concert.

Whether you’re hiking or just looking to sneak in a sixer at a public event without alerting the authorities, a good hydration bladder like the one by Lanney is required equipment. So pick one up for all those unexpected but upcoming trips into the wild — urban or otherwise.

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