Peep The James Brand’s Stunning and Serviceable Elko Black + Black Knife

james brand elko knife all black elk front

They say the kind of wallet you have says a lot about a man. And the same can (and should) be said for your everyday carry knife, too. If you’re the kind of man whose EDC knife happens to play a significant role in your daily life, then it should be as personalized, stylish, and functional as your wallet. 

Earlier this year we showcased some of the various everyday carry knives The James Brand has to offer, including our favorite, the Elko. And now, that same smallest member of the James Brand knife family sports a refreshingly sleek, dark, and minimalist look via its all-new, all-black colorway, aptly named the Elko Black + Black.

So, we have a compact and courageous knife that’s easy to carry, at your disposal all day, and looks great. Pretty good right? It gets even better. Because the Elko is more than just a knife. Fully equipped with a Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade, a pry bar that doubles as a key ring, bottle opener, and screwdriver, the Elko is a versatile tool that takes care everything from opening your cold one at the end of the day to tightening your glasses frames while at work.

And the Elko provides a sturdy and serviceable construction that holds up against outdoor elements with ease. With PVD-coated protection against sand, snow, and water up to depths of 200 feet, there’s no questioning the Elko Black + Black knife’s companion capabilities for whatever the adventure throws your way.

What makes the Elko Black + Black knife stand out in such a booming everyday carry market is its affordability, utility, and tasteful tool set. Not all of us need two knives, a Philips screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, a ruler, and a flashlight.

But, sometimes a sturdy knife with a few added features (at no expense to bulkiness) is just what we seek. And The James Brand motto of “maximum utility, minimal form” shines bright on this addition to their line.

The Elko Black + Black knife ($70) is for you minimalists who crave superb utility in small packages.

The Elko knife is also available in four different color ways. Peep those and some of their other everyday carry knives on The James Brand website.

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