Pirelli x Tecnorib 1900 Yacht Brings the Best in Tires and Boating Together

Pirelli x Tecnorib 1900 Yacht
Pirelli is known for some of the world’s best car tires. Tecnorib is an Italian boat manufacturer known for creative sport craft that glides along the water.

While the two have collaborated before, the 1900 Yacht may be their best yet. At 61 feet long and just over 16 feet wide, the 1900 remains true to the sporty nature of the Italian brand, while adding the comfort and durability of an inflatable tube made from real Pirelli tire tread.

The 1900 Yacht features a carbon-fiber roof and twin 800hp engines, reaching cruising speeds of 30 knots and can go a maximum of 45 knots in good conditions. The boat also carries some creature comforts including two cabins, two bathrooms and a living area.

The boat is part of Pirelli’s Design Project, which carries from prior collaborations with Tecnorib. Two years ago, the pair created the 1400, which was a smaller craft (one bedroom, integrated kitchen area), but had a handsome oak interior and white fiberglass throughout. Each collaboration is sleek, European and definitely a unique look on the water.

The 1900 lies somewhere between daytime cruiser and overnight offshore luxury camper. It’s sure to be a hit when it debuts this fall at the Cannes Yachting Festival.

Image Courtesy of Pirelli/Technorib


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