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Our favorite snowboard gloves and snowboard mittens for 2024

Snowboard gloves and snowboard mittens from the best brands

Snowboarders riding through powder
Alpcem via Pixabay

When you’re on the hill and the mercury drops, the first place you’ll feel it is your hands. And whether you’re on a windy lift ride or carving icy groomers, cold digits can make for an unpleasant day in the mountains. Needless to say, you need a good pair of gloves or mittens

But not to worry. We’ve hand-picked the best mitts and gloves for winter ‘24. Every pair features a waterproof/breathable GORE-TEX membrane, along with focused warmth and unique style. That gives you comfort and good looks for a better experience on the mountain. Let’s dive in. 

The best snowboard mittens for 2024

When it comes to warmth, there’s nothing better than mittens. By placing fingers side by side and trapping valuable heat, mitts provide sleeping bag-like warmth. They also have a fun, traditional appearance, and today’s designs are better than ever. 

686 Apex Gore-Tex Mitt

686 Apex

The 686 GORE-TEX Apex mitt has a clean freeride style, top-end function, and a reasonable price. Highlighting the package are its Gore-Tex membrane and 100G Thinsulate Supreme palm and upper. You’ll have warm and dry hands no matter the conditions.

Beyond that, a Duragrain synthetic leather palm stands up to grab after grab, and a Merino wool blend liner offers a plush feel. Style-wise, an under-cuff design brings a classic look, and an available two-tone black/white colorway has a modern, fresh appearance. The Apex Mitt is a solid pick. 

Dakine Baron Mitt Gore-Tex

Dakine Baron

No matter the product, Dakine makes gear that works. From surf leashes to snowboard jackets, you can count on its products for trusted performance. The Baron Mitt continues that tradition.

With its no-frills, high-quality appearance, the Baron Mitt looks made for long days on the hill. Its leather shell blocks wind and traps heat. 

A GORE-TEX membrane with GORE Grip brings weather protection and glove-like dexterity. And Primaloft insulation provides industry-leading heat retention for icy mornings. If you like to get after it with low-key style, the Baron Mitt is just the ticket. 

Smith x Oyuki Shaka Mitt Gore-Tex

Smith X Oyuki Shaka Mitt

The shaka sign — the classic gesture with thumb and pinkie extended — is a universal symbol for good times. Whether its intended meaning is “hang loose” or “right on”, the shaka keeps the mood lighthearted and fun. It’s an expression closely associated with surf culture, whether riding peeling waves or epic peaks.

Smith and Oyuku tapped into that good feeling with their collaborative Shaka Mitt. The unique design separates the pinkie finger from the other three, making it easy to wave a Shaka at your buddies and share the stoke. Along with that, the mitt features imaginative artwork by Mike Shankster, depicting wild cartoon characters and abstract images.

But the Shaka Mitt isn’t all show. A GORE-TEX membrane ensures your hands stay dry, and Primaloft Gold insulation keeps them warm and comfortable. Lastly, a leather shell provides a supple shield from the wind.

Burton AK Clutch Mitt

Burton AK Clutch Mitt

Burton [ak] outerwear is the benchmark for big mountain function and sleek style. Whether you’re shredding the local resort or dropping Alaskan lines, Burton [ak] gear keeps you warm, dry, and looking good. For the serious rider, it’s almost a necessity.

With its trigger design, the Clutch Mitt combines mitten warmth and glove dexterity. Responsibly sourced leather palms provide rugged durability, while softshell paneling enhances freedom of movement. 

Primaloft Gold offers low-bulk insulation, and GORE Grip brings stormproof flexibility. We especially like the Clutch Mitt for its modern look and top-of-the-line materials. 

Volcom Stay Dry Mitt

Volcom Stay Dry

With an affordable price, a GORE-TEX insert, and vibrant colorways, the Volcom Stay Dry mitt ticks all the boxes. Since GORE-TEX is Guaranteed to Keep You Dry™, you’re good to go whether ripping pow or caught in the rain. An 80g/60g low-profile insulation package brings needed heat without weighing you down. And a brushed tricot fixed lining feels oh-so-nice when you slip them on in the morning. 

With available 3-tone colorways, the Stay Dry Mitt brings a fresh look to the mountain. We like the red/white/black or the green/grey/white. And since they cost $75, these mitts let you save up for the next epic trip. 

The best snowboard gloves of 2024

If dexterity, grip, and style are at the top of your list, gloves are the way to go. With fingers freed up to flex and grab, you can adjust equipment and send texts with ease. And since gloves have a technical, classic appearance, they look as good as they function

Dakine Sammy Carlson Mitt

Dakine Sammy Carlson

Professional freeskier Sammy Carlson displays fun creativity and world-class skills whenever he points it down the mountain. Combining Sammy’s personality and pro-level requirements, the Dakine Team Excursion GORE-TEX Glove brings artistic flair and high-end tech. This glove has it all.

The shell blends leather and softshell elements for brawny performance and freedom of movement. Primaloft Gold insulation offers industry-leading heat retention. And GORE-TEX + GORE ACTIVE locks out the elements while enhancing breathability. 

Rounding out the package is wavy, flowing artwork imprinted on the leather palm, fingertips, and topside. A fun Sammy Carlson logo — featuring a jagged, orange sun and his name written in artsy lettering — completes the look. 

Volcom Service Gloves

Volcom Service

The Volcom Service GORE-TEX gloves have action-hero looks, a burly leather exterior, and Primaloft insulation. On the hill, that gives you the function you need and style to spare.

Outside, the heavy-duty leather shell blocks frigid winds and offers supple flexibility. 80g of Primaloft insulation adds lightweight warmness. And the Instant-On Power-Pull cuffs let you suit up in an instant. 

Additionally, the gloves feature an ergonomic fit and a brushed tricot lining. Lap after lap, you’ll be ripping in comfort

Burton Leather AK Tech Gloves

Burton Leather Tech

The Burton [ak] Leather Tech Gloves can do it all. Whether snowboarding, skinning, or out on the town, they combine rugged performance with a sharp appearance. They’re a highly versatile pick

Outside, a Gnar Guard leather shell and palm handle rusty edges seal out the cold. Zippered storm cuffs block out snow and wind. And touchscreen compatibility lets you send messages in any situation. Nice.

Inside, a brushed microfiber lining provides warmth and wicking. An ergonomic fit makes them feel tailor-made. Lastly, wrist leashes let you remove your gloves without worry.

When it comes to gloves and mittens, you’ve got abundant options. Ranging from the comforter-like feel of puffy mitts to the athletic freedom of leather gloves, there’s something for every riding style and personal taste. That lets you pay attention to what matters most: shredding the mountain all day long. Time to get after it.  

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