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Best Prime Day Tent Deals for 2022

Check Out These Prime Day Deals

Prime Day 2021 Tent Deals
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As we celebrated the 4th of July and put it firmly behind us, many folks may have felt like they missed out on tent deals, which are usually pretty good around the 4th. Thankfully, there are still quite a few residual deals left over that you can pick up if you want a tent now, not to mention that the lead-up to Prime Day has us also seeing a few great tent deals popping up. Of course, many of these deals aren’t specifically on Amazon, as Amazon doesn’t always have the best tent deals, but competitors like to take advantage of Prime Day’s feeding frenzy to get their sales out.

Of course, if you can wait a few days to do your Prime Day shopping, your wallet will thank you. Prime Day almost always has the best deals of the year, including on items like tents, whether you grab it on Amazon or not. In fact, we’re already seeing some competitors undercutting, like the Walmart Prime Day deals that are slated to be pretty great. So, whether you’re looking for Prime Day tent deals or Prime Day kayak deals, waiting until Prime Day itself is always the best decision.

Best Prime Day Tent Deals 2022

  • REI Co-op Groundbreaker 2 Tent —
  • Kelty Discovery 2-Person Camp Bundle —
  • Rightline Gear SUV Tent —
  • REI Co-op Base Camp 4 Tent —
  • Marmot Limestone 6P Tent —

REI Co-op Groundbreaker 2 Tent — $90

REI Co-op Groundbreaker 2 Tent

Why Buy

  • Freestanding
  • Budget-friendly and great value
  • Easy to set up
  • Lots of internal storage pockets and hanger slots

Light camping doesn’t have to be expensive, and for just under $100, you can grab this great starter tent, the Groundbreaker 2, and get quite a lot out of it. Keep in mind that even though it’s marketed as a two-person tent, having two people inside is going to be somewhat of a tight fit, so we encourage you to think of it as a single-person tent. That’s honestly not too bad, considering the whole thing weighs about 4 pounds and 13 ounces and measures about 7.5 by 22 inches when packed, making it lightweight and easy to put inside a backpack. Of course, if you want to use it as a two-person, don’t let us stop you; there’s enough room, if only barely.

One of the big benefits of the Groundbreaker 2 is that it’s a freestanding tent, making the whole setup easier, and the two poles that come with the tent easily slot into a sort of flap on the edges of the tent, helping keep it up on its own. It also differs a lot from traditional tents that require you to pass the poles through a piece of fabric, and instead, it has clips you use to fasten the tent to the poles, which is a pretty brilliant design and helps cut down on setup time and frustration quite significantly. You also get four stakes and two guylines in the package, and given how light this tent is, you may want to stake it down if you’re not going to be in it very much or if it’s going to be in inclement weather.

As for the inside of the tent, there are a couple of internal pockets on the corners for you to store your electronics, glasses, or other small items, as well as a loop on the ceiling for a lantern or a hanger. There’s also a nice big mesh window for you to get some air through that has a zippable flap, as well as the mesh opening at the top for you to gaze up at the sky at night. Of course, it comes with a fly to cover the roof and get extra protection when the weather turns a bit south. That being said, this is really a two-season tent for summer, and you don’t want to take it anywhere with lots of wind and rain.

Overall, the Groundbreaker 2 is great to grab during the Prime Day tent deals if you want a budget-friendly starter tent.

Kelty Discovery 2-Person Camp Bundle — $200, was $250

Kelty Discovery Tent with two bedrolls against white background

Why Buy

  • Great value bundle
  • Spacious tent
  • Comes with sleeping bags and sleeping pads
  • Freestanding

If you’re a beginner in the camping and backpacking space and have read the ultimate beginner’s backpacking guide, this two-person camping bundle from Kelty might be a great option to get you going. For starters, you get two nice sleeping bags with CloudLoft insulation to help keep you warm during cold weather, and you can even zip the two bags together to make one big one, which is great for couples or even solo travelers. You also get two self-inflating pads that go under the sleeping bags that add that little bit of extra padding and comfort to help you sleep better.

As for the tent itself, while it’s marketed as a four-person tent, it’s better suited to two people, as is evidenced by the fact that the kit comes with two sleeping bags and pads rather than four. Even so, the internal space is roughly 54 square feet, which is more than enough for two people, and with a peak height of 57.5 inches, it’s a relatively roomy tent to work with.

Setup is also pretty easy since there are only two poles you need to worry about, and they slot into a fabric without too much hassle. Plus, the whole thing is freestanding, so you don’t have to necessarily worry about staking it down in good weather, making this tent easy to set up for even one person. While the tent’s ceiling is made of mesh to give you access to the world outside, there is an included rainfly that covers the majority of the top and sides while also creating a little overhang to act as a sunshade. There are also a couple of internal pockets for your phone or other smaller items, plus a loop at the top for a lantern.

All the fabric is rated to 1,200 mm water resistance, which can handle some light rain, and is made of 68-denier polyester, so while not the best material out there, it should hold up just fine with semi-regular use. Also, the whole thing weighs about 20 pounds, which isn’t bad for such a big bundle, and much easier when you split the sleeping bags and pads on their own to help with weight distribution.

The Kelty Discovery Two-Person Camp Bundle is a great Prime Day tent deal if you want something for weekend camping a few times a year and like the idea of having the bundled items to make your life easier.

Rightline Gear SUV Tent — $170, was $340

Rightline Gear SUV Tent extended on a grassy field

Why Buy

  • Large rainfly
  • 2,000 mm water resistance
  • Works with most SUVs, minivans, wagons, and pickup trucks
  • Can function as a stand-alone tent

This tent is maybe a little bit different from what you’re used to, especially since this gives a different meaning to “freestanding” tents. Connecting to your car, this SUV tent adds an extra dimension to the traditional tent experience, extending the actual tent space into your vehicle. This is a quick and relatively easy way of getting a little extra space to work with.

One big benefit is that you have direct access to the inside of your vehicle, which means if you have any dry supplies or anything like similar, you can easily gain access to them at any point in time. Even better, if you follow the instructions well, the whole thing is relatively seamless, meaning you don’t have to worry about the elements getting in.

What helps is that the material is water resistant up 2,000 mm, so even when you have some heavy rain, this thing should hold up, assuming you’ve done a good job of staking it in and securing it. The tent itself is freestanding, which is great, although it does have the traditional sleeve you put the poles through, which can be frustrating. Even so, the color-coded poles and other pieces make it easier to set up, and the straps that attach to the car are heavy-duty ones made of nylon and shouldn’t hurt the inside or outside of your vehicle, especially if you’re careful with them.

The inside of the tent, if you exclude the car part, is pretty massive, accommodating up to six people, although two to three people are likely to find it much more comfortable, so adjust for that. The inside of the tent has some of the usual features you’d expect, such as a couple of pockets to put your small items in and a loop at the top for a lantern. Plus, you get two big windows to work with to get some airflow, which is important since there’s no mesh at the top of the tent, so you can’t get air from there. We’re also happy to note that the tent functions as a stand-alone tent, meaning you can use it without an SUV, which is great since it allows you a lot of versatility in how you want to use it.

All in all, the Rightline Gear is an interesting tent, and if you’re looking for a Prime Day tent deal that lets you connect directly to your SUV, well, this one is it.

REI Co-op Base Camp 4 Tent — $449

REI Co-Op Base Camp 4 Tent
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy

  • Includes a vestibule
  • Large rainfly
  • Two doors
  • Freestanding

The Base Camp 4 tent is a bit more of a “serious” tent and is one of the best four-person tents, as evidenced by its higher price and larger size, as well as the fact that it can handle most weather types. The internal floor area comes out to about 59 square feet, which can easily fit two to three people, while the fourth person may be a bit of a squeeze.

The whole thing is fully freestanding and very sturdy, as it has four poles in total with a whopping seven intersection points, giving it a ton of rigidity, which is further helped by the fabric troughs two of the poles go through and the several clasps for the other two. Altogether, this tent can withstand quite a lot of beating and is suitable for several seasons, including heavy snow.

When looking at the tent without the fly, it seems like a very bog-standard dome tent, albeit a pretty good one. Once you add the rainfly, though, you’ll see that it creates two vestibules on either side of the tent, which adds another 27 and 17 square feet, and that’s a lot of extra space to store equipment, making the inside of the tent a little less packed and a little easier to fit more people in.

Both vestibules can close to protect anything stored there, and you get a ton of ventilation, with two rainfly and floor vents to work with, so even when the tent is completely closed and covered, you can still get some air circulation through — a very well-thought-out design. Also, the rainfly and the floor are rated to 1,500 mm water resistance, so you should be fine in most situations.

As for the inside of the tent, it’s pretty spacious, with the top of the dome roughly 60 inches from the floor, so you won’t feel it bearing down on you too much. There’s also an incredible amount of storage space on the inside, starting with pouches all around the tent above the floor line, followed by a couple of pouches above the floor vents, and finally, four more pouches under the ceiling — that’s more than enough storage for four people’s small items and knick-knacks. There’s also a loop at the top for a lantern, to hang clothes, or anything else, assuming it’s not too heavy.

If you’re looking for a Prime Day tent deal on a spacious, heavy-duty tent that can handle many different types of weather, the Co-op Base Camp 4 tent is the one to go for.

Marmot Limestone 6P Tent — $499

Marmot Limestone 6
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy

  • Spacious tent with a high roof
  • Two large, double-sided doors
  • Large rainfly with full coverage
  • Vestibule flap that doubles as a sunshade

One of the best camping tents to keep the elements out is the Marmot Limestone 6P Tent, and as the name suggests, is made for six people, although is better suited for four, at least if you don’t want a very tight squeeze. One thing you may notice right off the bat is the Dome-style tent has relatively high walls and ceilings, achieved by the two bracing poles around the top edges, giving a peak height of 76 inches that’s pretty much the same across the majority of the ceiling. The internal floor area is 83 square feet, so it’s pretty spacious, at least when it comes to having four to five people inside. Overall, it’s a great tent for the family or if you need a bunch of internal space.

Another interesting thing is that Marmot has two doors with four zippers, essentially turning them into double doors, which is an interesting take, to say the least. The rainfly is also quite well made, as it reaches the floor and adds a little 3-foot vestibule on one side of the tent. It’s not massive by any means and won’t be a lounging spot, but it’s big enough to store backpacks and other items, which makes for a little extra room in the tent.

The front of the vestibule rolls up and can even be used to create a sort of sunshade if you extend it out and prop it up with a couple of poles or guylines. This makes for a nice little addition to offer shade in the summer months, even if it’s only a thin strip of material and won’t offer a ton of shade. The rainfly also has a couple of vents to help circulate air and get the heat out, which is great when you’ve got the whole tent covered and the front of the vestibule zipped up.

As for internal storage, there are four pouches, one in each corner of the tent, and there’s a loop at the top for you to hang whatever you need to. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of storage space inside on the roof like you might find with the REI Co-op Base Camp 4, but that’s mostly because it’s made of mesh, which extends all the way down to cover half of the tent. This means you get a lot of exposure to nature when you’re camping during the nicer seasons. For rougher seasons, the floor is made of Oxford polyester and the rainfly is made of ripstop polyester, so the tent can handle more difficult weather without too much trouble.

The Marmot Limestone 6 may be a bit expensive, but it’s spacious, has a lot of great design features, can withstand a lot of weather conditions, and is a great Prime Day tent deal.

Prime Day Tent Deals FAQ

Is Prime Day a Good Time to Buy a Tent?

There are several compelling reasons why Prime Day has become the best time of the year to buy most types of outdoor sports and recreation gear. That includes deals on tents, camping and hiking accessories, and almost every type of fair weather sport you can imagine. So the short answer is yes. If you’re in the market for a new tent and want a choice of good deals from a wide selection of tent styles, sizes, and price ranges, you should buy a new tent through Prime Day deals.

The arguments for buying a new tent on Prime Day 2022 are seasonality, abnormally pent-up demand, eager manufacturers and retailers, and the relatively new tradition built around Prime Day since Amazon first held the midsummer sales event in 2015. Beyond that, summer, especially early summer, is the best season to buy a new tent. The best selection and prices overall are in spring and early summer. There are usually some good deals in late summer and in the fall, but because demand isn’t as great and retailers have worked to get their inventories down, you’ll have a smaller tent selection.

Sports and exercise enthusiasts are also spending a ton of money this year on new gear. The pent-up demand from the last few years’ lockdowns and ever-stronger interest in staying healthy and exercising means there are a lot of buyers for retailers to cater to and account for. Manufacturers and retailers will compete for your money, anticipating record-setting sales levels. Finally, Prime Day has become a bright spot in what used to be a fairly bleak summer selling season; it worked for Amazon so well that most major retailers have joined in, with many of them trying to undercut Amazon, and the celebratory atmosphere of Prime Day 2022 has retailers pumped for sales competition.

When Do the Prime Day Tent Deals Start?

Amazon recently revealed that the Prime Day dates would start on July 12, and carry on through to July 13, so that’s likely when we’ll see the best Prime Day deals. Amazon also announced it would start deals well before that day, as early as June 21, and that those sales would mostly be focused on Amazon’s products like the Echo and the Fire TV. Even so, we expect to see many tent deals leading up to Prime Day, especially due to the residual tent deals left over from the 4th of July.

Should You Shop the Prime Day Tent Deals Now or Wait Until July 12?

While there are a lot of great deals happening in the days leading up to July 12, the truth is that most of the best deals are going to happen on Prime Day itself, so if you can wait for Prime Day to roll around, your wallet will thank you, especially if you’re looking to grab a high-end tent.

In the meantime, consider what type of tent you want to get. How, where, and how often will you use your new tent? Those are the first factors to nail down before you start tent shopping. Your budget matters too, of course, but if you plan to use your tent frequently or for long durations, the difference between a good tent and a poor tent will mean discomfort and possibly even a threat to your safety, so you want to focus on the features first and foremost.

The best-prepared shoppers for Prime Day tent deals are people who have already developed a list of brands and models that meet their needs, and even better, have balanced that against their budget. Do the work ahead of time, have a clear buying strategy, create a list of your five favorite models, and work down that list when Prime Day rolls around. If you do that, you can grab a tent that you’ll really love and won’t regret buying.

Whether you’re someone who wants to tent with your motorcycle for your next trip, get outdoors with your family of five, or camp with your dog, there are tents out there for you, so don’t be shy!

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