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Best Last-Minute Prime Day Kayak Deals for 2021

All the latest Amazon Prime Day kayak deals and sales

Decathlon Itiwit Inflatable Kayak

Even more than last year, Prime Day 2021 had some jaw-dropping Prime Day deals. Those deals aren’t done yet, although Prime Day is over: You can still scoop up the best last-minute Prime Day deals while they’re still around. And if kayaking is your thing, or if you want it to be, there’s a good selection of excellent Prime Day kayak deals. Kayaking is a sport enjoyed by young people, older people, couples, families, solo adventurers, and groups alike. Heck, you can even do it with your dog. Kayaking is an excellent form of exercise, it’s peaceful, and it can be almost meditative depending on the setting. After months of being trapped in the house and social distancing, what better way to enjoy the sunshine than on your new kayak? This year’s remaining Prime Day kayak sales allow you to keep a nice chunk of change in your pocket — money you might choose to spend on kayaking accessories that are also on sale.

This year’s last-minute Prime Day kayak deals are not the only outdoor recreation and fitness products with excellent sales. You can also save lots of money on Prime Day bike deals, Prime Day tent deals, Prime Day camping deals, and Prime Day fishing deals. You can also check out some of the many outdoor bargains available in the ongoing Walmart Deals for Days sale. Whatever your outdoor sport, activity, or hobby, Prime Day 2021 is the best time to buy new gear, replace worn-out equipment, or level up to more advanced products. If you want these deals, you’ll have to hurry! These deals are set to go fast, as Prime Day is over and these deals won’t be around that much longer.

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Best Prime Day Kayak Deals Still Available

This year, there are loads of excellent remaining Prime Day kayak sales, and we found savings across the board — or maybe better said, across the bow. If you have your heart set on a specific kayak, it’s possible you may be disappointed. If you aren’t hooked on just one brand, model, size, and color, however, there are last-second Prime Day kayak sales in all categories.

Because Prime Day falls in the summer this year, there are still many more remaining Prime Day kayak deals than last year when the sales event was delayed till October due to the pandemic. Sure, there are tons of people who kayak year-round, regardless of the weather. However, kayaking is a warm-weather sport for most people, and those people have less interest in buying a new kayak in fall or winter. More seasonal sales expectations this year encouraged manufacturers and other retailers to follow Amazon’s lead with excellent Prime Day kayak deals.

Should You Buy a New Kayak with a Last-Minute Prime Day Deal?

Prime Day 2021 was the best time this year to buy a new kayak, so it only follows that the remaining Prime Day deals are every bit as solid. Prime Day 2020 fell in October, which wasn’t exactly the high season for kayak sales. Amazon did have Prime Day kayak sales in the fall of 2020, but the discounts from list prices weren’t as great as this year. Prime Day 2021 hit in the summertime, when kayak pricing is traditionally most competitive among brands and retailers. When you add the more auspicious season for kayak bargain hunters, the pandemic-related pent-up demand for outdoor gear, and the year’s best lowest prices for recreation equipment of all types, we have some of the best ever deals for Prime Day kayak sales.

The gigantic Amazon Prime Day sales event included most other major retailers, who piled on to take advantage of the excitement and anticipation of the summer season’s best deals. Luckily for all of us, those deals are still sticking around for now. If you know what you want and don’t necessarily require the very latest kayak model or color, you may find opportunities to save even more than usual by looking for retailers’ inventory clearance sales. In just six years since Amazon’s first Prime Day in 2015, both in-store and online retailers have moved massive amounts of inventory. Prime Day gives Amazon and other retailers as well as manufacturers an opportunity to sell products from previous years. You can find exceptional deals on one- or two-year old inventory leftovers as retailers want to clear their inventories to get ready for the fall selling season.

We do have a word of caution about jumping for just any last-minute Prime Day kayak deal. In addition to current-year models, as mentioned just above, retailers will offer deals on older models and leftovers from previous seasons. These older deals can be an excellent opportunity to save even more money — but you can also mistake them for current equipment unless the retailer makes model year or generations very clear. While Prime Day is mostly about amazingly priced deals, every deal isn’t a great deal.

Be especially vigilant for pop-up timed or quantity-limited deals. If you’re not familiar with a product offered in a pop-up deal and don’t have the time to research the product, you might later discover details that you wish you knew before spending your money. Sure, most retailers honor returns, but returning a larger product such as a kayak can be a hassle and, unless return shipping is free, quite expensive.

If you want a new kayak right now so you can hit the water immediately for exercise, to socialize, or to compete against others or even just yourself, you shouldn’t wait for Black Friday to buy a new kayak. There are always exceptions to any rule during huge sales, but the best sales on kayaks and other outdoor fitness and exercise gear are in the spring and summer. Go for it and take advantage of today’s best Prime Day kayak sales.

How To Choose a Kayak with a Last-Minute Prime Day Deal

If you are an experienced kayaker and want to take advantage of today’s remaining Prime Day kayak deals, your best position is if you planned ahead and know what you want to buy. Your preference for particular kayak type, size, and brand and your experience can serve you well. We’ve had the best luck shopping for deals on outdoor sports equipment and other products when we focused more on the features most important to us in our next purchase than on price only or on a single model. If you are counting on an outrageous deal on a specific model, color, and size, there’s no guarantee any specific model will be on sale — they may even sell out before Prime Day. If you are shopping during today’s  final, post-event Prime Day kayak sales with a predetermined list of three or four models to buy from if the deal is right, you’re much less likely to end up disappointed.

If you’re a total newbie at kayaking, you have loads of choices of entry-level kayaks, most priced at just a few hundred dollars. In that case, there’s no reason to commit lots of money to buying an intermediate or advanced model. If all your previous kayaking experience has been watching others, give yourself a break and buy a beginner’s model — you can always resell it if you do stick with the sport and want to upgrade your equipment. So make your initial purchase based on price and relative size. The best deal on the largest and hardest-to-master kayak won’t do you much good if you haven’t developed your skills.

If your budget won’t sink and you see a remaining Prime Day kayak sale that floats your, um, kayak, then go for it. Happy paddling!

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