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Best Prime Day Camping Deals 2020: Deals to shop today

Amazon’s Prime Day sale extravaganza has come and gone. Even though it’s over this year’s Prime Day deals can still be found if you dig deep. We’ve done the work for you and just in time for some late season camping we found the best Prime Day Camping Deals just for you. With the holiday season around the corner, you can save while you pick up some early holiday gifts or, better yet, treat yourself to a few essentials for your end-of-the-season camping trip. Hurry because stock is running low.

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Today’s Best Prime Day Camping Deals

  • Advanced Elements 2.5 Gallon Solar Shower  — $18, was $24
  • Gold Armour Camping Hammock$26, was $32
  • Nikwax TX. Direct Wash-in Waterproofing$27, was $35
  • Sunyear Folding Camping Backpack Chair$32, was $40
  • LuminAID PackLite 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lantern — $45, was $50
  • $290, was $327
Expires soon

Klymit Static V Luxe Sleeping Pad

$84 $100
If you want to have a comfortable night's sleep while your camping a sleeping pad is great to bring with you. This cushy 4-season pad is great because you won't feel the ground.
Expires soon

Heavy Duty Oversized Folding LoveSeat Camp Chair

$80 $100
This loveseat is perfect for snuggling with a loved one under the stars or in front of the campfire.
Expires soon

United By Blue Quit Single Use Meal Kit

$28 $38
Stop wasting paper and plastic when you eat while camping with this reusable meal kit.
Expires soon

ENERGIZER LED Tactical Flashlight

$11 $16
With a rugged exterior and IPX4 waterproofing, this LED Tactical Flashlight from Energizer is ideal for camping, backpacking and more. And at 300-lumens, it'll light up your entire campsite.
Expires soon

Battery Operated Camping Fan

$30 $33
This camping fan is battery powered which makes it perfect for use inside of a tent. Keep cool on those hot summer nights under the stars.
Expires soon

KIPIDA Solar 5 Gallon Shower Bag

$20 $26
This shower bag is solar powered and comes with a detachable hose and a shower head with an on/off switch. Perfect for camping or days at the beach.
Expires soon

Coleman Xtreme 6 Cooler

$76 $109
The Coleman Xtreme cooler keeps your soda cold and doubles as a seat. What more could you want at your campsite?
Expires soon

Sable Camping Sleeping Pad

$30 $40
This sleeping pad is lightweight, waterproof, and self-inflating. Perfect for camping and hiking.
Expires soon

Coleman Multi-Panel LED Lantern

$56 $100
Coleman's Multi-Panel LED Lantern provides long-lasting light thanks to its efficient LED panels. With light panels on all four sides of the lantern, you'll get 360-degrees of brightness, 24-7.
Expires soon

MSR Zoic 3 Tent

$300 $400
This tent sleeps three people and set up quick. Features two access doors and three gear lofts for personal storage.
Expires soon

Marmot Tungsten UL Hatchback 3 Tent

$284 $569
This tent sleeps three and has UV-resistant, seam-taped polyester rainfly with vents so the tent won't sag or get you wet in the rain.
Expires soon

Helinox Chair Two Rocker

$135 $180
This chair is lightweight and comfortable with its tall back and deep seat. Easily turns into a rocking chair with removable rocking feet.
Expires soon

Coleman Trailhead II Cot

$44 $60
This camping cot eliminates the discomfort of sleeping on the ground while sleeping under the stars. Good for people of all sizes with a weight capacity of 300 pounds and height of 6 feet, 2 inches.
Expires soon

Insect Repellent 20% Picaridin

$8 $9
With up to 12 hour long-lasting protection this spray will effectively repel mosquitos and ticks. And it won't damage any of your clothes or fabrics.
Expires soon

Devico Portable Utensils

$14 $18
This set of stainless steel utensils comes with a fork, knife, chopsticks, straws, and a cleaning brush. Perfect for camping or picnics.
Expires soon

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer

$200 $300
This camping battery can juice up laptops, mini coolers, drones, and other electronics with an AC outlet, DC carport, and two USB-A ports. And this lithium-ion generator recharges with solar panels.
Expires soon

Coleman PowerPack Propane Stove

$33 $45
The Coleman name is synonymous with cooking stoves. Some are big enough to feed a football team and others, like the PowerPack, are ideal for a couple. Why choose Coleman? Because they are the best.
Expires soon

Odoland 10pcs Camping Cookware Mess Kit

$30 $40
This kit contains everything you need for meals while camping including a non-stick kettle, pan, and pot.
Expires soon

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

$1 $20
Filter up to 1,000 gallons of contaminated water with the surival essential from LifeStraw.
Expires soon

UCO Candlelier Deluxe Candle Lantern

$36 $40
Looking for a lantern that is both powerful and looks great? This sleek candle lantern is for you. It provides great lighting for outdoor settings and is easy to carry everywhere.
Expires soon

Telescoping Stainless Steel Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

$18 $20
These marshmallow roasting sticks are colorful and fun to use. Great for camping or sitting around the fire in your backyard.
Expires soon

Energizer High-Powered LED Headlamp

$20 $25
When you think Energizer, you usually think batteries, but the company makes some of the best headlamps for camping. They are affordable, last forever and are super bright.
Expires soon

Craftline Robust Trade Knife with Carbon Steel Blade and Combi Sheath

$16 $20
Knives always come in handy. If you're looking for a durable steel blade trade knife this one is great to have with you.
Expires soon

BPA-Free Collapsible Water Container with Spigot

$10 $15
This water storage container holds over 5 gallons of fresh water and collapses when not in use to save space. Great for camping or hiking.
Expires soon

Coleman Lumens LED Headlamp

$14 $20
A headlamp is a necessity when camping and this Coleman torch delivers the right amount of light. Best of all, you can store it with its batteries for years thanks to Coleman's anti-corrosion tech.
Expires soon

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

$7 $9
Made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, this it an outstanding choice for camping, hunting, or fishing. It includes a spork along with a separate serrated knife.
Expires soon

Camping Lantern Flashlight Bug Zapper

$23 $30
This lantern is also a bug zapper which makes it perfect for camping. It is also waterproof and noise free,
Expires soon

Stansport Coffee Press

$11 $13
Camping doesn't mean you have to give up the conveniences of home. Take coffee, for example. Enjoy a hot cup of Joe with this portable coffee press.
Expires soon

USB Multi-Tool Charger Kit

$35 $50
This kit includes a portable charger with tangle-free cord, flashlight and personal fan that all fit in your pocket. Perfect for staying connected while camping of hiking.
Expires soon

Coghlan's Mesh Bug Pants

$11 $13
When bug season hits, you'll want these lightweight mesh pants in your camping gear. They fit over any clothing and protect you from mosquitoes, wood ticks, deer ticks, and no-see-ums.

What Camping Gear to Buy on Prime Day

Prime Day is your chance to grab some essential camping gear while you’re online shopping for other deals. You’ll want to make sure you have all the critical areas covered when shopping for camping gear. Do you have a good tent? If not, you should seriously consider buying one when the prices are low. You’ll also need some warm sleeping bags and inflatable mattresses to match. Don’t skimp on these items as a good night’s sleep is critical. Your week-long camping trip will go downhill fast if you are not getting some quality shut-eye.

Once you’ve got your shelter and sleeping supplies nailed down, it’s time to purchase the smaller items. We’re talking about camp chairs for sitting around the fire, camp kitchen items for cooking, a cooler to store your food, and insect repellant to keep the bugs away. The list of must-have gear varies from person to person and trip to trip. Think hard about what creature comforts you will want when you are away from home. Take it from someone who does a lot of camping — having a solar shower, cold drinks, and warm food will make your time camping so much more enjoyable.

Not only are there deals on the camping basics, but there also are luxury items on sale like the RockPals 330-watt portable generator. This gem of a power station will keep your phones charged during the day and a fan running at night. Best of all, you can charge it using your car or an optional solar panel, which you can purchase as an additional power source.

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