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Best Prime Day Camping Deals for 2021

Prime Day 2021 - Camping Deals

If you’re shopping for the best Prime Day camping deals, there’s no better time than now to take advantage of the best prices you’ll find this year than now. Amazon’s Prime Day sales event extravaganza is on its final wave and these deals won’t be around tomorrow. Pent-up demand led to a variety of limited-time Prime Day deals for all types of new camping gear. We’ve done the work for you to prepare for seasonal recreational goods and equipment bargains. Get ready to up-level your existing equipment and save big on these Prime Day camping sales before they’re gone. Items you’ve dreamed about owning are discounted ahead of the summer.

This Prime Day is also your best opportunity of the year to grab your other outdoor essentials at a discounted price. You can also find ongoing sales on Prime Day bike deals, Prime Day tent deals, Prime Day kayaking deals, and Prime Day fishing deals.  If you’re an avid outdoor sports and activity enthusiast, Prime Day 2021 is the optimal time to replace old and worn-out equipment or to purchase new gear of all types.

Best Prime Day Camping Deals

In a word: Prime Day has a lot of mouth-watering deals that will last only today on almost everything you need or you could desire for your preferred camping experience. There are Prime Day camping deals for every category of camping equipment. You may not find a specific model on sale, but you can pick any camping equipment category, from tents to sleeping bags, cooking gear, lighting, bug spray, tools, you name it and you’ll be able to find awesome Prime Day camping sales that won’t last until tomorrow.

Sierra Camping Gear Sale

Up to 51% off
Sierra offers a wide variety of amazing deals on camping gear, so if you're a camping enthusiast, don't miss out on this sale. more
Make your camping trip hassle-free by buying one of these tents from Evo for sale, with brands including Big Agnes, MSR, and Kelty seeing big discounts. more
Coupon Applied at Checkout
Made for outdoor relaxation, this camping travel is packed with features aplenty— including a UV-resistant padded seat, durable steel frame, and built-in carry-and closure strap. more
Why bring a heavy cooler that'll drag you down? An ultralight backpack cooler like this one is a must-have for any trailblazer. It can keep your beverages chilled for up to four hours. more
Coleman's Multi-Panel LED Lantern provides long-lasting light thanks to its efficient LED panels. With light panels on all four sides of the lantern, you'll get 360-degrees of brightness, 24-7. more
Grab these foldable solar panels and harvest the power of the sun. more
LifeStraw's Home 7-Cup BPA-Free Plastic Water Filter Pitcher removes unwanted contaminants and fights bacteria in your water but keeps essential minerals like magnesium, potassium, carbon, and sodium. more
The Titan Deep Freeze is a must-have camping gear as it features a quick-access "flip-open" zipperless lid and leak-proof interior lining. It can store ice for up to three days. more
Never leave home without the LifeStraw Water Filter, a BPA-free tool that protects drinking adventures from 99.99% of water-borne bacteria and parasites, filtering up to 4,000 L of contaminated water. more
Made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, this it an outstanding choice for camping, hunting, or fishing. It includes a spork along with a separate serrated knife. more
Be the envy of the campsite with this parachute camping hammock from Kootek. Coming with 10ft long tree friendly straps, this hammock is a great gift for the extreme lounger. more
Roast up some marshmallows without burning your fingers thanks to the campfire roasting sticks. They are telescoping so you can get as close to the fire as you need to get your perfect toast on. more
This set of stainless steel utensils comes with a fork, a knife, chopsticks, straws, and a cleaning brush—perfect for camping or picnics. more
Filter up to 1,000 gallons of contaminated water with the survival essential from LifeStraw. more
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This solar-powered shower bag comes with a detachable hose and a shower head with an on/off switch—perfect for camping or days at the beach. more
This water container can hold over 5 gallons of fresh water and collapse when not in use to save space—great for camping or hiking. more
If you're looking for camping essentials, look no further because Backcountry is offering up to 60% on these items. more
When bug season hits, you'll want these lightweight mesh pants in your camping gear. They fit over any clothing and protect you from mosquitoes, wood ticks, deer ticks, and no-see-ums. more
Keep cool on those hot summer nights under the stars with this battery-powered camping fan—perfect for inside tent usage. more
These marshmallow roasting sticks are colorful and fun to use—great for camping or sitting around the fire in your backyard. more
An easy-to-prepare food choice, the Mountain House food bucket provides 24 meals that cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner. more

Camping World Sale

Up to 30% off
Camping World has deals on go-to items like folding chairs and portable fire pits, so don't miss out on these awesome deals. more
This tent covers all of the basics and is perfect for anyone who is just starting on their outdoor adventuring. more
This bag is rated to 45 degrees, making it a perfect sleeping bag for family trips to the beach, sleepovers, or as a part of your car's emergency kit. more
Pack up, soldier! This waterproof tent has everything you need to survive in the great outdoors from aluminum stakes to a hammock rain fly. It’s puncture- and UV-resistant too. more
This kit contains everything you need for meals while camping, including a non-stick kettle, a pan, and a pot. more
Venturing to the great outdoors can be a comfortable experience with the right gear. Bring this inflatable lounge on your next outing and enjoy a cozy environment no matter where you are. more
Looking for a quality smartwatch and GPS tracker? Designed to withstand the harshest of environments, Gramin's wristwatch features a GPS tracker to help you explore uncharted lands. more
This camping tent is built for withstanding the elements, boasting large windows for optimal ventilation and covered seams for ample rain protection. more
This Coleman PowerPack Propane Stove is perfect for a large number of people—ideal for camping outdoors. more

Best Prime Day Camping Bag Deals

You’ll also need some warm sleeping bags and inflatable mattresses to match. Don’t skimp on these items as a good night’s sleep is critical. Your week-long camping trip will go downhill fast if you are not getting some quality shut-eye. You know that sleeping bag list prices can be pretty lofty, so don’t delay and take advantage of these deals now, especially if your camping expeditions include challenging weather conditions.

Make sleeping under the stars comfortable with a Nemo sleeping bag, sleeping pad, or tent and check out REI's ongoing sale on different models. more
This super warm sleeping bag from Soulout will keep you warm and safe on those chilly camping nights. Tot this bag anywhere with the compression sack that makes it very portable. more
Who says you can't keep yourself warm during a cold camping trip? This sleeping bag by Coleman is specially designed to keep you cozy by fighting off cold temperatures as low as 20 F. more

Best Prime Day Camping Light Deals

Once you’ve accounted for your shelter and sleeping needs, check out the ongoing Prime Day camping deals on smaller items. Of course, your list will vary depending on the type of camping trips you take — the greatest deal in the world on a portable refrigerator won’t do you much good if you’re going to take a weekend trek in the backcountry.

When you think Energizer, you usually think batteries, but the company makes some of the best headlamps for camping. They are affordable, last forever and are super bright. more
A headlamp is a necessity when camping and this Coleman torch delivers the right amount of light. Best of all, you can store it with its batteries for years thanks to Coleman's anti-corrosion tech. more
No need to buy new batteries as Coleman’s pocket-friendly headlamp employs the battery-preserving Battery Guard Technology for a lifetime's worth of well-lit hikes to the mountains. more
With a rugged exterior and IPX4 waterproofing, this LED Tactical Flashlight from Energizer is ideal for camping, backpacking and more. And at 300-lumens, it'll light up your entire campsite. more

Should You Buy New Camping Gear on Prime Day?

The final hours of Prime Day are the best time to save big on essential camping gear. You’ll want to make sure you have all the critical areas covered when shopping for Prime Day camping sales, especially since they won’t be around for long. Do you have a good tent? If not, you should seriously consider buying a new tent while the prices are still low.

If you’re going to be car or truck camping, for example, take a look at ongoing Prime Day camping sales on camp chairs for sitting around the fire, camp kitchen items for cooking, a cooler to store your food, and insect repellant to keep the bugs away. The list of must-have gear varies from person to person and from trip to trip. Think hard about what creature comforts you will want when you are away from home. Take it from someone who does a lot of camping — having a solar shower, cold drinks, and warm food will make your time camping so much more enjoyable if the parameters of your expedition allow such luxuries.

The flip side of stocking up with all relevant Prime Day camping deals this year is if it blows your budget or credit line way beyond expectations. Planning ahead empowers your shopping leverage for new gear, particularly if you’re operating on a slim budget for new camping equipment.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of big sales events, especially when the goods you dream about are offered at unprecedented bargains. So should you buy Prime Day camping deals? Sure, if it works with your budget.

One last caveat. Amazon and other merchants traditionally build their sales volume with gimmicky pop-up or limited sales. If you have extra money and want to play along you can sometimes score amazing savings on Amazon Lightning Deals, for example, but if you have to decide whether to buy something without time for adequate (or any) research, you could end up with the gear you didn’t need and not enough money to buy the items that were top priority on your original list.

How to Choose Camping Gear on Prime Day

This year’s Prime Day camping sales are shaping up to be the best we’ve seen so far. Before checking out the final Prime Day sales, however, the best way to choose is to keep two thoughts in mind: Gear priority and your budget.

We don’t want to take all the fun out of Prime Day shopping, but especially if you’re planning on big-ticket purchases, like extreme low-temperature sleeping bags for a large family, your prior research can help you save while you procure the best gear you can afford.

If you’re brand new to camping, ask friends for advice on the absolute essentials you’ll need. If they can recommend brands and even models they trust and like, that’s extremely valuable information. If you’re an experienced camper and want to add to your gear or upgrade existing equipment, others’ advice is less important but still helpful.

Keep in mind the type of camping you’ll be doing, how often you’ll use your equipment each year, how long your average and longest camping trips will last, and the likely weather and other environmental issues you may face — bees, bugs, and bears, for three examples. If you’ll transport all your gear, food, and water on your back, your list will differ significantly from trips you take with everything packed in an SUV or recreation vehicle or stuffed in a trailer hitched to a two-wheeled vehicle.

As with most sports and types of recreation, the price range for most types of gear range widely. If you decide you can justify spending $350 on a knife but then have very little money for a sleeping bag and a good backpack, you probably need to relook at your priorities. Two additional factors to consider are durability and weight. In general camping gear that weighs the least costs the most.

So hopefully you already planned out for Prime Day especially on its last day with a prioritized list of gear and score the best Prime Day camping deals possible.

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