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Best Memorial Day Lawn Mower Deals and Sales 2021

Memorial Day sales are here to kick off toes-in-the-grass season, and we’re here to help you get your turf in shape by rounding up all the best Memorial Day lawn mower deals so you don’t have to go looking for them yourself. To make things even easier, we’ve also looked at whether now is the time to buy a new lawn mower or whether waiting it out might reap better discounts further down the line. Whatever your plans, we’ve got you covered with all the best Memorial Day lawn mower sales right now.

Best Memorial Day Lawn Mower Deals

Should You Shop the Memorial Day Lawn Mower Sales?

Unlike last year, this year’s Memorial Day sales have some staunch competition in the form of the Prime Day deals we’re expecting to see next month. Simply put, that means if you’re considering buying a new lawn mower now, you’d be better off waiting it out until Prime Day next month. Typically, we’d expect to see some better prices going on then than we’ll see during the Memorial Day lawn mower sales.

However, it all depends how much you need a new lawn mower. Has your current lawn mower failed? In that case, you won’t want to leave it another few weeks without a functional lawn mower at home. The grass in your yard will grow fast at this time of year, and you’re likely to regret postponing any purchase unless you have absolutely no other choice.

In particular, if you’ve meticulously read our complete guide on how to mow a lawn, you’re probably pretty attached to how great your yard looks, so why waste time by not buying a new lawn mower straight away?

The trickier decision is what to do if you have a working lawn mower but you want a better one. The Memorial Day lawn mower sales might look pretty tempting, but we think waiting it out will reap the best rewards. While we can’t guarantee that the Prime Day sales will be massively better, it’s highly likely that prices will be on par with if not better than what you’ll find today, so it’s a good time to hold out for.

As always, think about your budget and what you need most from your new lawn mower before you hit that buy button. Don’t be lured in by any incremental discounts either. Instead, focus on the big price cuts that will truly benefit your bank balance as well as your yard.

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