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Best Memorial Day Hot Tub Deals and Sales for 2022

If you’ve been waiting for Memorial Day hot tub deals, your wait is over. Memorial Day sales start today on a wide variety of goods. It’s true that Prime Day is less than a month away, which is a good reason to hold off for those who want the absolute lowest price on a new hot tub. We don’t know the exact date for Prime Day 2022, just the strong likelihood it will fall in the second half of June. In the meantime, however, time is passing and many merchants have appealing Memorial Day hot tub sales. If you and your family or friends would rather enjoy the benefits of a new hot tub sooner rather than later, now’s the time to shop, buy, and get your new hot tub set up and ready to use.

Best Memorial Day Hot Tub Deals

Should You Shop the Memorial Day Hot Tub Sales

What’s your rush? Certainly if you need a hot tub as soon as possible, like if you have a party planned in the next couple of weeks, then by all means, pick your favorite Memorial Day hot tub deal and hit the buy button. Buying a hot tub is the first step. Depending on the type and size of the hot tub you select and where you’ll install it, the time span between buying and slipping into it to enjoy your new tub can range from days to months.

If you can hang in without a hot tub for just a bit longer, like a few weeks more, it could be a good idea to consider waiting for Prime Day 2022, which we’re pretty sure will happen in the second half of June. Prime Day deals will be spectacular this year, so why not wait?

But let’s assume you have the budget for a new tub and related expenses and you don’t have any desire to wait three or four weeks for a potential savings. After all, realistically, hot tubs are always on sale, and Memorial Day hot tub sales just sweeten the deals.

If you’ve already been shopping for hot tubs online or in person, the investment and amount of time involved yourself and for others may factor in how soon you want to proceed. If you already understand the steps in hot tub installation, the time they take, and all related costs, you’re in a better place than most hot tub shoppers. Now’s the time to check quickly to see if today’s Memorial Day hot tub deals are substantially lower than the regular sales prices. If you can save an extra 10% off or more, even with a small, inflatable hot tub, that’s probably a good enough deal to make the jump and buy your hot tub today.

A quick word of warning: If you decide today that you must have a hot tub but haven’t done any research to see what’s out there and understand the factors that go into choosing a new hot tub, we don’t recommend that you shop for one just to take advantage of Memorial Day hot tub deals. There are too many crucial decision points in buying a hot tub to make an impulse buy. Plus, if you shop in person today, you’re likely to talk with overwhelmed sales personnel who won’t have the time to work with you carefully and methodically. Save yourself that aggravation and potential later unexpected expense.

If, on the other hand, you have already picked the hot tub model or the models you want to choose from and all that’s needed is a final price, this could be a great time to take the next step and save money with Memorial Day hot tub sales.

You know whether you’re ready or not. If you’re really not prepared to make the decision, enjoy the holiday. If, on the other hand, today’s a great time for you to nail down pricing on your new hot tub, make it happen. And don’t delay, because some prices may be limited to existing stock in inventory.

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