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The 9 Best Bike Baskets to Carry All Your Cargo

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Stylish, practical, and a must-have bike accessory — bike baskets aren’t just for teen movies set in the summer. The reality? Bike baskets help you haul what you need to while getting out on a great day. Not all bike baskets are created equal, however. You need options that are durable and well-made — these aren’t just for show.

Whether you’re a bike-only kind of guy who owns one of the best bicycles to hit the road with or you love to bike as a hobby, a basket provides the versatility you need to make biking a bigger part of your life. Haul groceries, your work gear, supplies, or even your pet for a long-distance ride. Get your bike helmet and take a look at our picks for best bike baskets for all your cargo.

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Best Overall: Retrospec Half-Mesh Apollo Bike Basket

Retrospec Half-Mesh Apollo Bike Basket
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This classic bike basket is a handlebar style and features steel mesh with a detachable system. It’s weatherproof and has handles for carrying on your arm. It doesn’t require installation tools, making it easy to use when you need it and easy to remove when you don’t. The plastic-coated steel comes in a variety of colors and withstands environmental elements. It won’t chip or crack, and a tight mesh bottom wrangles all your small items. Front baskets for bicycles are some of the most convenient options, as well.

Best Quick Release: Schwinn Wire Basket

Schwinn Wire Basket
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Schwinn’s design features a quick-release system intended to make removing the basket a breeze. It uses a coated steel basket to withstand the environment and a generous basket space to hold many different things. It’s ergonomic and carries the famous Schwinn name, a company known for quality bikes and bike accessories.

Best Insulated Option: Mattisam Handlebar Bag

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For more protection for your things, this insulated bag features two mesh side pockets and a transparent phone pocket on the top. 600 denier polyester fabric on the exterior protects against moisture and other environmental elements. Inside, waterproof insulation keeps your lunch and drinks cold without leaks. Wipe the exterior and interior with a damp cloth to clean, and the durable zippers won’t tear or catch in use. The attachment system is secure and straightforward and takes just a few minutes.

Best Multipurpose Choice: Cofit Detachable Bike Basket

Cofit Detachable Bike Basket
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Cofit’s construction allows you to use the basket for a variety of purposes. Stash everything from lunch to small pets, use it as a grocery basket, and detach it to organize items as you head inside. It uses a lightweight aluminum frame with waterproof oxford cloth. Generous handles are comfortable to carry, while the quick-release attachment is straightforward to hook to your bike. Collapse it when you’re done for convenient storage.

Best Pet Carrier: Anzome Bike Basket

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If you have a small pet that loves to go with you, this comfortable cat or dog bicycle basket is just the solution. As a bicycle basket for pets, it features a sturdy metal frame with durable oxford fabric lining designed to gently shelter your pet during the ride. It features a quick-release attachment system. Just fold it up when you’re done or use it for other organization when not on your bike. It’s waterproof, and the material detaches from the frame for easy cleaning.

Best Rear Basket: Topeak TrolleyTote

Topeak TrolleyTote
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Bicycle rear basket fans will appreciate this extra-large, folding basket designed to fit on your back rack and ensure you carry all your stuff. It’s Quick Track compatible and features a telescopic handle and small wheels. The basket is fully collapsible for storage and uses an engineering-grade polymer for the frame. The aluminum handle and durable wheels are all lightweight and make multipurpose use possible.

Best Extra Large Choice: Wald 157 Giant Delivery Basket

Wald 157 Giant Delivery Basket
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The Wald 157’s robust support system helps you carry more than the average load. It features a metal basket in a coated or plated version with matching attachment legs. The extended handlebar clamps have proper clearance for shift and brake cables, while reinforcement bands make it suitable for rugged use. For those of you who use bikes as your exclusive transportation or for a large part of it, this basket ensures you have space for all your essential things.

Best Dual System: Bushwacker Omaha Grocery Basket

Bushwacker Omaha Grocery Basket
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Bushwacker’s basket system is a dual-basket option that fits on each side of the rear wheel. The pannier style attaches with metal hooks to the top and bottom rack or the frame itself using a bungee and s-hook. Each pannier can hold a full-sized grocery bag, and the dense mesh protects even small items from falling through. They fold flat for storage when you don’t need them.

Best Waterproof Choice: Roswheel Bike Bag with Rain Cover

Roswheel Bike Bag with Rain Cover
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This unique basket design features a three-part system that fits onto your bike pannier style. The top bag removes to use as a shoulder bag, and it comes with a rain cover for extra protection. Tear-resistant bottom material is extra durable, and the 1000 denier polyester with a PU coating is weatherproof. It has a reflective handle and logo for extra low-light safety, and it comes in two neutral colors. It has an extra-large capacity suitable for all-day trips.

Can I put a basket on any bike?

All bikes can carry a basket of some kind, but you should check what types of attachments are suitable for your particular style. Your bike manual can tell you a lot about how and where to attach a basket, allowing you to carry your things easier and make the most of your rides.

How do I secure my bike basket?

Some smaller options just require heavy-duty Velcro, while others have an attachment system that secures them to the back or front. In some cases, baskets have compatible track systems that make attachment and removal easier. Follow the directions on your basket closely to ensure a secure fit.

Our choices aren’t your typical wicker basket for bicycles. These are tough and rugged, designed to hold a variety of things and withstand environmental elements. No matter what you’re carrying, one of the baskets on this list has your back. Once you attach your chosen basket, you’ll have the tools necessary for the most convenient ride yet.

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