3 Best Adult Summer Camps for Grown-Ass Men

Remember those glorious days spent at summer camp? Melting marshmallows over a crackling fire, capsizing a canoe full of friends, making horrible handicrafts, and kindling your very first romances. If you’re looking to recapture that youth, these adult summer camps can provide, only with more booze and debauchery. Here are three amazing summer camps for (mostly) grown-up men.

Camp No Counselors


You may not be a fan of all-inclusive vacations, but a trip to the aptly named Camp No Counselors is no typical all-inclusive. Imagine a week of college without any of the classes or responsibility. Every day delivers a menu of awesome activities that you can choose to do or not — your call. Think ultimate frisbee, wakeboarding, and obstacle courses. But, free-flowing booze here adds an entirely new layer of fun and danger that you definitely didn’t experience at youth summer camp. Meals range from gourmet waffle breakfasts to taco nights, and all feature endless alcohol. Since launching a few short years ago, the company has expanded to nearly a dozen locations in the U.S. and Canada. Wherever you happen to be on the continent, you’re not far from one of their campgrounds. The best part: every last thing is included, so you can leave your wallet at home.

Club Getaway

Kent, Connecticut

The uninspired name aside, Connecticut’s Club Getaway is a proper summer camp in every sense of the word. But with a whole lot more day drinking, raving, and extreme sports. You’ll find all the usual campground-inspired trappings here from campfires with s’mores, lakefront cabins, canoeing, and craft-making sessions. But, the program at this 300-acre Berkshire estate also features massive Flip Cup tournaments, a giant bungee trampoline, burlesque classes, an aerial park, and after-hour silent raves in the woods. Most of their camp programs center around a theme — from Gen X and Young Professionals to LGBT-friendly weekends and Thrillist-inspired sessions. No matter which one you choose, don’t expect to sleep for a few days.

Camp Wandawega

Elkhorn, Wisconsin

If Camp Wandawega sounds like a kitschy, made-up campground out of a National Lampoon’s movie, that’s the point. The husband-and-wife owner duo bought this abandoned campground 90 minutes north of Chicago with dreams of converting it into a DIY summer camp for adults. That’s exactly what it is today. Guests pick their style of accommodations which ranges from treehouses to hillside cabins to authentic teepees to a vintage Airstream travel trailer. Every “room” is adorned with lakehouse-inspired tchotchkes from stuffed animal heads to Mason jars full of random baubles to horseshoes on the wall. Instead of a planned campground program, however, this is a no-frills, freestyle, self-serve experience. Guests can help themselves to any or all of the activities here, from canoeing the lake to hatchet throwing to volleyball to hiking the more than 20 miles of nearby trails.