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Why Every Man Needs to Buy This Wahl Grooming Clipper NOW

A Wahl’s Ear, Nose, and Brow 3-in-1 Personal Trimmer handle with three interchangeable tips.
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While many of us are taking advantage of the Walmart Prime Day deals, designed to compete with Amazon’s Prime Day deals, Walmart is doubling down on its offer to help us clean up with this men’s grooming clipper from Wahl. Right now, you can get Wahl’s Ear, Nose, and Brow 3-in-1 Personal Trimmer, an essential for guys, for only $13. That means you can save $7 , more than 30% off its regular price of $20.

Wahl’s Ear, Nose & Brow 3-in-1 Personal Trimmer is a perfect tool for every guy; if you have facial hair, this trimmer can be indispensable. And it’s hard to find a trimmer that is this reliable, from a brand as well recognized as Wahl, for such little money. This trimmer is the kind of handy piece of tech that will fly off the shelves on Prime Day, along with the much larger items in these Prime Day 4K TV deals, Prime Day Router Deals, and Prime Day fitness deals.

Wahl’s 3-in-1 Wet/Dry Personal Trimmer makes it easy to get a well-groomed, fresh appearance, whenever you want. It comes with three interchangeable heads, each with its own specialty, to give you as clean a cut an appearance as you desire. There’s a reciprocating head that’s ideal for trimming eyebrows or nabbing those annoying stray hairs between them. Meanwhile, there’s a detail trimmer, which you’ll love using for the finest edges of hair along your neckline, or sideburns. Additionally, there’s an ear/nose trimmer (with professional quality steel cutter blades) to get at unsightly hairs extruding from those appendages. You don’t need to buy three different tools; this one does it all — and for $13. If you’re looking for more grooming ideas, you can get up to date on the very best grooming products with The Manual Grooming Awards 2021.

This trimmer is one of the best designed for removing unwanted hairs without nicking or pulling at your skin. It’s easy to use and designed with professional-quality blades that will not only last but are easy to maintain. Also, this trimmer is battery operated, so you don’t need to worry about annoying wires getting in the way of your daily grooming process — they even include a AA battery with your purchase. Best of all: cleaning your Wahl 3-in-1 trimmer is super easy: you can just run it under cold water. It’s the perfect tool to keep your facial hair looking, well, perfect.

Whether your a daily groomer or you just need a touch-up once a week, the 3-in-1 Personal Trimmer from Wahl will become your go-to. Right now, at Walmart, it’s down to only $13. That’s $7 off , a significant discount from its regular price of $20. You’re saving more than a third of the price — not to mention a whole lot of time in front of the mirror.

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