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Grooming Guide: Tom Ford Skincare

tom ford grooming
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Tom Ford doesn’t exactly skew with our readers per se. His line can be a bit OTT for our tastes, but when we saw he launched a grooming line, we were intrigued. There isn’t another major designer who has launched a men’s line since 2006 (that was Jean-Paul Gaultier). Warning, this line is pretty pricey, but the packaging, scent and of course results are mighty fine.

After testing it out for a month we must admit, it’s a winner. For reasons we can’t imagine, when we asked for samples from the PR department they never sent over the concealer. But we do know a goodly number of men who hide in dark corners swiping some of their ladies’ product to hide hangover eyes. But alas, I guess they didn’t think our reader would be their target.

They did however include the bronzer. Now wait! Don’t go all ‘keyboard warrior’ on us with hate comments. We like to call it ‘jealousy gel’ because if you smear some on your face after a shower, that evening all your friends will be thinking you just came back from some exotic trip, or at least look really refreshed in your photos. It doesn’t give you that 80s soap star pumpkin complexion, just a little color to wipe away those pale winter blues. But take note, it does turn your hand towel brown so either use a dark towel or throw it in the laundry before roommates or ladies catch ya.

Now for the rest of the line:

Purifying Face Cleaner

I have been using this every other day in the shower. It smells fantastic (earthy, musky goodness) and it’s not like the usual crap we use that tightens our face by stripping it of all moisture. It’s very lightweight and is perfect pre shave.

Oil Free Daily Moisturizer

I am a big fan of this moisturizer because it doesn’t feel like I have grease on my face after an hour. It is super light weight and really does the job. Also the bottle is very James Bond, you turn the top to reveal the pump and then turn it back and it disappears. Hey, it’s the little things, right? We do wish it has SPF in it though.

Skin Revitalizing Concentrate

This may be one step you aren’t used too but a concentrated treatment oil can do damn good things to your face. And if you feel weird dotting all around your mug just squirt some in the daily moisture and slap it all on at the same time. Since there isn’t an aftershave included in the line (which we rarely find helpful), this duo will work well. Don’t forget your neck!

Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment

This little sucker is a miracle worker. Again, it is very light and includes Tom Ford calming and infusing complexes, which means it helps soothe party eyes and reduces wrinkles. The cool angled silver tip applicator cools your skin and reduces puffiness, so don’t blob it on your fingers and smudge it around. Use the applicator and dab!

Intensive Purifying Mud Mask

If you are a smoker or live in a big city, you kind of need to try a mud mask. Do it with your lady friend and you will get major points. After you wipe this all over your face (avoid the eyes!) it will eventually turn gray and you will see loads of dark spots all over your face. This is the mud (Bamboo Charcoal Powder and Kaolin which is a volcanic ash) sucking out man dirt and oil from your face. Do this once a week and see how your face looks afterward. Also, it  doesn’t leave your face feeling like a cracked tundra.

Hydrating Lip Balm

I have never been a big lip balm person but when one lands on my counter I’ll give it a go. This one feels awesome and has a nice scent to it (Almond Oil and Shea Butter). Best of all it is not glossy so I put it on at the end of my grooming routine and walk out the door.

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