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The Manual’s Guide to Grooming: Facial Hair

In the upcoming weeks, The Manual will be posting tips from people in the know on various industries. Today we get groomed by England’s own Mister Natty.

Our thoughts on the subject:

Grooming has become a booming business and we couldn’t be happier. It’s good to see guys taking care of themselves. But there are oodles in the market place so we offer guidance through our grooming section on brands we find work well. It’s never a bad day when we have to test new shaving creams and hang over curing moisturizers. Some of our favorites include Baxter of California, Kiehl’s, Juniper Ridge, Organic Male and Third Man for unique cologne. So don’t be afraid to get caught clicking on grooming sites; your face will thank you.

Tips from a master Barber: 

Mr. Natty is one of the most well loved barbers over there in Londontowne.  His product line has brit-wit names such as ‘Face Forest Soap’, ‘Pleasant Pucker Lip Salve’ and ‘Shipwreck Soap’ and are all made in the UK. A cut and shave with Natty is pretty close to what heaven must be like and as he told us,  ‘What’s said in the barber’s chair, stays in the barber’s chair!” Here are his tips on how to get groomed after a boozy night out.

  • Drink a glass of water (London tap) and twizzle your mustache.
  • Shave with Mr Natty’s Silver Label Shave Soap and Mr. Natty Shave Oil. After a spot of yoga of course.
  • Pop a little bit of Mr. Natty Pleasant Pucker on ya lips after you’ve had a cup of tea.
  • Splash your scalp with some Mr Natty Jack Tar Bay Rum and give yourself an invigorating head message or better still, get your man servant to do it for you while watching the ships go by from top deck.
  • Add a little Natty hair preparation, DUB, and look sharper than the “Charge of the Light Brigade”.


Mr natty care package
Image used with permission by copyright holder


  • Never, ever, ever wax your brows. Your barber can certainly trim and pluck to avoid Björk brows.
  • No matter if you are a total Neanderthal and you never have a gal over, always keep the bathroom looking impeccable because you never know! If you shave over the sink, wash out the sink bowl of stubble.
  • If you use products, put the lids back on and put them in a drawer. Displaying product is something for the ladies to do, we need to appear effortless in our mission to keep the ole pan looking fresh.
  •  Always replace the TP! Nobody wants a scavenger hunt when on the john.
  • Always close the toilet lid! It’s  just good luck

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