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Mavericks skin care
Advancements in shaving cream, gel, and face wash have been stagnant over the last decade, but that is all about to change due to a new skin care startup, Mavericks skin care. The Silicon Valley based company has utilized the prowess of science in their brand new line of products for men. Created by former software engineer, Brad Yim, these products were inspired by Yim’s ambition to make taking care of your face as simple and easy as possible.

A lot of men may find shaving to be a chore, including myself sometimes. Is this why beards have become so popular nowadays? Definitely not, but it sure makes the decision sound more enticing.

Shaving can be time consuming when you take pre-lathering and applying aftershave into account. Using low-quality, or even many of the so-called high-quality products, that are not suited for you can lead to skin irritation and increase your chances of getting ingrown hairs. Mavericks skin care tackles irritated and damaged skin with two products: FACE KIT and SHAVE.

The two can be bought separately, but it’s highly recommended to be used in tandem in order to achieve the full effect. Both products emphasize efficiency with beneficial vitamins and are free of controversial ingredients such as parabens, synthetic dyes, and fragrances.

The Mavericks FACE KIT includes a face wash, protective cream, and nighttime moisturizer which will work together to protect and repair skin after a day of enduring the outside elements. With this one minute routine, you can maximize results when face-to-face with the blade without thinking twice.

Now, let’s delve into the simple routine that will keep you looking, and feeling, fresh.

Step one is a face wash, or the skin’s oxygen tank, which has a healing minty scent and smooth finish. Mavericks’ face wash is specifically made to loosen dead skin cells and expedite the exfoliation process.

Next is the Protect face lotion that provides a dose hyaluronic acid (which can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water) to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day and also protect against heavy UV exposure with a boost of SPF 30.

The last step in the face wash trifecta is the rebuilding phase. Mavericks skin care’s Rebuild cream acts as a body building supplement for your face by fighting inflammation and increasing the blood flow in your skin. This will allow your skin to renew itself and grow stronger, just like the rest of your body does while you sleep.

Check out their FACE KIT video below to see the process in practice.

Now on to SHAVE, or Mavericks skin care’s deal maker. With 70 shaves in each tube, the $25 cream will go a long way, especially because it’s a moisturizer, shaving cream and aftershave all in one. It’s designed to condition stubble and soften skin in order for the razor blade to cut as close to the skin as possible, allowing for less irritation and a fresher finish.

They also have a demo for SHAVE you can check out below.

One of the coolest aspects about Mavericks is that they manufacture all of their products right here in the U.S. and they never test any of their products on animals.

The FACE KIT and SHAVE cannot be found in stores, so you must head over to to place an order. Mine is already in the mail.


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