Face The Facts

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Face the facts! You’re getting old!  Ok, maybe that was harsh. And we have no idea how old you are, but whatever your age, it’s always good to start taking care of your face. Luckily for you, Lab Series has come out with two new great products that will help you out, whether you are currently fighting the signs of aging, or just trying to start preventing the signs of aging – and it all starts with a little ginseng.

Lab Series Age Rescue Eye Therapy

Lab Series Age Rescue Eye Therapy

Ginseng? That stuff in my 3pm energy drink? YES. Ginseng. Consider this   stuff an energy drink for your face.

So let’s break down the ingredients:

-Ginseng, commonly used for its therapeutic and medicinal properties is a natural energy booster.

-G-ACTION- sends that energizing ginseng straight to the skin, and amplifies your skin’s potential to work harder and recover faster for a revitalized look.

-A010- is a blend of ten top antioxidants that will help neutralize the damage caused from the elements you face everyday.

Lab Series Age Rescue Face Lotion

Lab Series Age Rescue Face Lotion

The first product is Age Rescue + Face Lotion Plus Ginseng, a moisturizer that features both G-ACTION and AO-10, the two new technological advances that will help repair, renew and re-energize your face.

Age Rescue + Eye Therapy Plus Ginseng is an eye treatment that will helps improve firmness and elasticity, which will ultimately minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles around your tired eyes. This product also includes optical diffusers, which will instantly brighten the appearance to give you that energized look, even if you’re running on four hours of sleep.

Let’s be honest, it’s the Monday after Labor Day – and between all the barbecues and booze – you know you need this. Check out these products and other products by Lab Series here.