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Duke Cannon Added Buffalo Trace to Soap So You Can Have That ‘Bourbon-y’ Fresh Feeling

bourbon soap
Image courtesy of Buffalo Trace Distillery
Here at The Manual, we love our bourbon. We’ll take it any way we can get it, whether it comes straight, in our shaving cream, or even soaked into our clothes. Another booze-soaked product has hit the market, this time made with one of our favorite bourbons: Buffalo Trace.

The team over at Duke Cannon collaborated with the Kentucky distilling veterans to create the Big American Bourbon Soap, a 10-oz wedge of cleanliness infused with the good stuff.

duke cannon buffalo trace bourbon soap
Image used with permission by copyright holder

It features a wonderful oak barrel scent that’s pronounced enough to offer the good notes of whiskey while remaining subtle (because you wouldn’t want to smell too much like bourbon). We think it’s a great time of year for this kind of scent too – the leaves are changing, the air is a bit more brisk, and our drinks need to be just a little bit stronger to compensate for the colder weather.

This boozy edition is another in Duke’s line of “Big Ass Bricks,” which come in seven other equally fun fragrances with notes like “victory and accomplishment.” Duke’s soaps are the sort of no-frills grooming supplies geared for the everyman. They also remain authentic to the spirit of the spirit — the bourbon version has small bits of ground corn in the soap as a nod to the distillation process and as an extra exfoliant for the skin.

For the spirits enthusiast in your life who may already have enough whiskies in his/her collection, this would be a very interesting gift (or even a stocking stuffer). You could match it up with one of our other favorite bourbon grooming products or give it in tandem with coasters and a spirits book. And, speaking of bourbon, don’t forget to check out our new podcast, Beards, Booze, and Bacon.

The Big American Bourbon Soap comes in single or four-pack sets ($9.50 for one, $30 for four). Find it at select retailers and on Duke Cannon’s site.

Feature image courtesy of Buffalo Trace Distillery

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