Smell Like the Man You Want to Be with Duke Cannon Cologne Balm


An Italian perfume maker invented Eau de Cologne while living in the German city of the same name.

His invention can be your best friend or your bitterest foe. A carefully calibrated application and you’re drawing people in with your subtle, commanding yet pleasant scent. A spritz too far and you’re suddenly That Guy, the one everyone can smell coming; designer promises of smelling like a hot shirtless dude in a tropical ocean instead fills the room with overpowering chemicals. Watery eyes and sneezes politely passed off as hay fever no matter the month are no more! Duke Cannon Cologne Balms are your scent secret weapon.

duke cannon cologne in tins

In their 300-year history, colognes have had some interesting application methods. Giovanni Maria Farina, the godfather of Cologne, wore it as a brooch or sometimes a necklace, which somewhat ruined the illusion that he didn’t naturally smell like an “Italian spring morning…” as he put it. Spray bottles certainly get the job done but with little-to-no precision– you have to aim the bottle just so, get it just far enough away, figure out how many spritzes, with their pre-determined quantities, are just right. Usually spray bottles leave you in the valley of despair between “All I smell is deodorant,” and “Oh, God, do I have time to shower again?”

Duke Cannon knows what men want. No fuss grooming items that get the job done. Their cologne balms are so simple they’re genius: a scented balm in an Altoid-sized tin. The balm slightly melts on contact with your fingertips and allows you to put it exactly where you want cologne and in exactly the right amount. It’s easy to build up the scent to your preference. Plus, because it’s a balm, it’s long-lasting–meaning your $25 tin will stay with you for a good while.

Duke Cannon Land Cologne Balm

The scents are uncomplicated and manly, similar to their Big Ass Soaps: Naval Supremacy, an oceany smell, is subtle with a bit of a salty kick; Redwood smells a bit like sandalwood and is probably what John Muir just naturally smelled like; and Open Skies, Duke’s “air” scent is fittingly light and clean.

The packaging is perfect for travelling, pockets, briefcases, or even your desk drawer. In keeping with the company’s practice of field-testing every product on Bravo Company 2-135, the tins look military-issued. On the back, it also reminds you that a portion of each purchase goes directly to veterans’ causes, like Honor Flight Network, Military Working Dog Team Support Association, and K9s for Warriors.

With Duke Cannon’s Cologne Balms you will smell exactly as much as you want. And you’ll smell damn good at that.