Wine Awesomeness Launches New Site. Dionysus Ecstatic.


The crew here at The Manual is like family. We fight, we have massive dinners (the endings of which we sometimes don’t remember), we poke fun at each other (a lot) and of course we help each other. Today our Wine Awesomeness crew is launching its’ brand new website full of new wines, videos and buying options, so of course we want to applaud them for that and share it with our readers. We also thought it would be the perfect opportunity to hear more about their rad brand.

Wine is getting lots of attention lately. Even NPR aired a story about the beer industry after noticing a drop in sales because more and more people are uncorking instead of uncapping.

The boys over at Wine Awesomness have been hearing about this for some time. Apparently ‘Millenials’ are going to be the largest wine drinking generation the world has seen (take that ancient Greece!), yet there isn’t anyone in the wine world speaking to that group. So back in May of 2012 four dudes launched WineAwesomeness to speak to these  new connoisseurs.

They understand that guys think of wine as complicated. That is why they created a curated service that delivers a bright blue box of wine to your front door each month with descriptions of each wine, a playlist and food recipes by a rotating guest chef (they have worked with and recently) that pair well with the wine they have selected. Their descriptions of wine may confuse your grandfather, “This is a zesty, lively style of Chardonnay that does the Electric Slide across your palate.” We would love to be in the room when they are taste testing and writing this copy.

To further their mission to debunk wine from an elitist gilded cage, the boys throw some seriously fun parties to prove wine can be imbibed anywhere.

There was the SXSW shindig where they poured into paper cups;

the launch of their Ben Watts collaboration  which had a trio of humdingers in Montauk at Navy Beach;

Miami at The Freehand;

in New York City at Jimmy at The James;

as well as their constant presence at fashion and art events around New York and Charleston (their home town).

And don’t think this is just a random group of guys who stumbled upon wine as a venture. These guys are die hard drinkers and one of them, Brad Ball, is the youngest advanced sommelier in the Southeast and is always looking for great wines from around the world.  Can you say, Dream Job?

Another one of the founders, Logan Lee, left us with this little wine nugget of wisdom, “You should never have to spend more than $12 or $15 for a good wine. Once you peruse the site you can see that. There are great things happening in Australia, Spain and other regions where you can get a better bang for your buck!”

Take note people.


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