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Instant Pot Duo Minis and Blenders Are Both Super Cheap at Walmart Today

Are you among the many people on the lookout for Instant Pot Deals? Even though sales are common on Instant Pot multifunction pressure cookers and other appliances, Walmart is going beyond the norm today with super cheap prices on the always-popular Instant Pot Duo Mini and Instant Pot Ace Blender. Whether you’re shopping for your first Instant Pot product or adding to your collection of kitchen countertop appliances, or even if you’re shopping for gifts, these Instant Pot deals deserve your attention.

Instant Pot Duo Mini, 3-quart: $64, was $100, save $36

Instant Pot Duo Mini on a countertop with ingredients for soup.
If you’ve cooked with Instant Pot multifunction pressure cookers, you know that even the standard-size 6-quart models can take a bit of space on your countertop. The payoff is the large cooking capacity which is great when you’re cooking for a crowd. If there are just two or three in your family or if you cook just for yourself, you’ll be pleased with how the Instant Pot Duo Mini is likely the perfect size for your needs. The Instant Pot Duo Mini has a 3-quart capacity cooking pot, which is plenty big enough for stews, chili, soups, roasts, and pretty much anything you want to cook. The Duo Mini doesn’t weigh as much or take up as much countertop or storage space as the larger 6-quart, 8-quart, and even 10-quart models.

This smaller size Instant Pot doesn’t give ground on features. You can use the Duo Mini’s digital control panel and one-touch buttons to set the 7-in-1 device to pressure cook, slow cook, cook rice, saute, steam, make yogurt, and warm already cooked foods. The cooking is automatic and by default keeps your food warm when it’s done cooking. The cooking pot and the Duo Mini lid are dishwasher-safe for your convenience.

The Instant Pot Duo Mini is a bargain at its normal $100 price, but Walmart slashed the cost 36% to $64, a $36 savings. This deal is as good as it gets in finding a great price for an Instant Pot. Even if you already have and use a larger Instant Pot model, adding a Duo Mini can be a convenient way to cook side dishes. Buy this deal now before it disappears.

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Instant Pot Ace Cooking, Beverage, Smoothie Blender: $79, was $99, save $20

Instant Pot Ace Blender.
It may be a surprise that the Instant Pot Ace Blender is called a “cooking blender,” but it’s for real. You can use this Instant Pot model for much more than blending smoothies. The Ace Blender heats up to make soup, hot beverages, and other dishes and drinks that require heat. It also works in more traditional roles, blending smoothies, milks, desserts, and more.

Instant Pot’s Ace Blender has a 56-ounce heat-resistant glass pitcher. This is no ordinary pitcher, however, because it has a concealed heating element in its base. You can set the eight stainless steel blades at three different speeds plus a pulse motion that’s helpful in breaking down clumpy, tough, or frozen ingredients. When you use the Instant Pot Ace Blender’s heat function, the temperature displays on the control panel so you won’t overheat or overcook your food or beverage.

Ordinarily $99, Walmart knocked down the price for the Instant Pot Ace Blender to $79 for this sale. At this price, you can buy a new blender that also heats and cooks food, an unexpected versatility that can simplify and speed cooking in your kitchen.

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