A Drunk-Proof Guide to Outdoor Glassware

‘Tis the season for day drinking, waterfront shenanigans, and dimly lit patios. Other than the holidays, summertime is rare calendar window for acceptable binge drinking, pub crawls, and bad decisions. The worst decision you could make would be inviting glass to this party. Glassware’s plus-ones are wild cards, ranging from embarrassment to a trip to the E.R. Keep the party going strong this year with these sleek, outdoor glassware options.


There are numerous silicone-based glasses out there, but Jokel leads the charge on cleanliness and stability. Easily collapsible, Jokel’s pint and stemless wine glasses are ideal for trips to your local watering hole. If you’re looking for more opaque outdoor glassware, Silipint also offers high-quality silicone pint glasses, many of which glow in the dark. Although these won’t break, they can be easy to tip when not full.

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask has slowly made a household name for itself over the past few years with its well-insulated water bottles. If you’re looking for more discretion, their stainless steel glasses are a reliable choice, particularly in hotter climates. For budget or bulk outdoor glassware buyers, a slightly cheaper option with comparable quality would be Klean Kanteen’s pint glasses.


Felli’s Baroque-styled acrylic glasses are a great option that won’t remind you or your guests of Mom’s colorful patio tumblers. The styling camouflages any damage inflicted over the years or whatever extreme adventures your summer has in store. Coming in a variety of sizes, Felli glasses are the perfect receptacles for your summer mixology skills.

RSVP-INTL’s Endurance

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Whether you like it shaken or stirred, martinis always look cool poolside. Keep your drink tasting as cool as it looks with these stainless steel martini glasses (wrist balance not included).


Ergonomic and stylish, Govino boasts an entire fleet of shatterproof outdoor glassware. From pitchers and decanters to stemless wine glasses and champagne flutes, their smooth thumb notches make everything easy to hold onto. Their latest whiskey glasses allow you to enjoy your first and fourth Old Fashioned, wildly gesturing your way through any tale. The only thing you have to worry about is texting your ex.

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