Try the World

try the world

Kat Vorotova and David Foult know that food makes the world go around. The pair shared an affinity for discovering new cultures and trying the culinary offerings each country had. But there was one problem — neither of the pair, who were studying at Columbia University — had the resources or the time to globetrot in search of new products. Then they came up with an idea they decided to call Try the World — a subscription service that offers a box with treats from a different country every other month.

Vorotova’s fascination with food from different countries began while studying abroad in Paris for four month. She immediately caught the travel bug, and would come home with an array of treats for her friends and family. She met Foult, a Frenchman who has traveled extensively and knew the importance of local products, while in graduate school at Columbia. The pair knew they were on to something.

Now, Vorotova and Foult commission celebrity chefs with expertise on certain areas from around the world to curate boxes. Just what do you get in a Try the World box? The Venice Box contains seven to 10 goodies, like a Perugira milk chocolate with hazelnuts bar and a can of Urbani Truffle Thrills in red pesto and truffles, curated by David Rosengarten, plus cards describing each product, and a culture guide that describes the music and film of the region, plus recipes. The Paris box had chestnut spread, Alain Milliat flowers honey, and powdered chocolate. The Tokyo box came with chopsticks, nori, sugar candy and ginger paste. The Rio de Janeiro box had guava paste, tea, cookies and more.

So if you’re a foodie who loves to travel and experience different cultures, Try the World could be your happy place. Or you could give it as a gift for somebody who has a severe case of wanderlust.

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