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Shopping for an Instant Pot on Prime Day? Check Walmart

Amazon’s Prime Day deals are just a few days away, and for shoppers who are hoping to buy upgrades for their kitchen, you might be looking forward to the Prime Day Instant Pot deals that the annual shopping event will bring.

You won’t be limited to the Instant Pot discounts from Amazon though. Walmart is launching a sales event that will overlap with Amazon’s Prime Day, which will give shoppers an alternative source of Instant Pot deals.

Enter Walmart’s Deals for Days

Walmart’s Deals for Days is a four-day sale that will launch on June 20, a day before Amazon’s Prime Day starts. This means that you can buy different models of the Instant Pot with a discount from Walmart first, before Amazon rolls out its Prime Day deals for the multi-cookers.

You don’t have to buy an Instant Pot from Walmart as soon as Deals for Days starts. You can wait for Prime Day to see the discounts that Amazon will offer, and compare them with Walmart’s. Instant Pots are usually cheaper from Walmart during its sales events though, so that’s something to keep in mind.

A word of caution — given the popularity of the Instant Pot, stocks may quickly run out from either Walmart or Amazon. Take time to consider the different models of the kitchen appliance and where you can buy it for the cheapest, but don’t delay your purchase too much as you might get left out of the deal that you decide to go with.

Best Instant Pot deals

If you can’t wait for the discounts that Prime Day will bring, whether from Amazon or Walmart, you should check out the best early Prime day Instant Pot deals that are available now. To help your search, we’ve gathered some of the best options from various retailers.

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