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Russell’s Reserve has a 15 year old bourbon limited release coming out

Russell's Reserve has a 15 year old bourbon limited release coming out next month

Russell's Reserve

Russell’s Reserve is an offshoot of the hugely popular bourbon brand Wild Turkey, which is a favorite among whiskey fans for its high-quality and affordable bottles. But Russell’s Reserve has been pushing into higher-end, more aged options as well, like its recent 10-year-old small batch bourbon release. Now, these options are expanding further with the release of a 15-year-old limited-release bourbon.

The 15-Year-Old 2024 Limited Release comes in at a proof of 117.2, and this high proof helps to carry its flavors of dried fruits, caramel, coffee, and dark oak. The barrels used for aging were carefully selected to enhance the flavors, and the aging process is a longer one to give the bourbon time to develop and for its own unique character to shine.

“While it wasn’t an easy decision to release something other than Russell’s Reserve 13, the added complexity from extended aging was too exciting to pass up,” said Master Distiller Eddie Russell. “It’s been humbling to watch what started as a passion project – a place to celebrate my family’s shared love of bourbon making – turn into something that’s coveted by collectors the world over. We stay committed to bottling only the best, and only when it’s ready. This year, that’s brought to life in these bottles of Russell’s Reserve 15-Year-Old.”

The 15-year-old bourbon will be released on July 1 and will be available in the U.S. and Asia for $250 per 750 ml bottle. It will be a limited release, so if you’re interested in trying this out, you’ll want to snap up a bottle fast.

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