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Emma Watson’s Renais Gin launches in the US

Inspired by French winemaking, this gin is heading across the pond


Last year, actress Emma Watson and her sibling Alex launched Renais Gin in Europe where it has been well received and won several awards. Now, the spirit is coming to the US, with a launch into the American market beginning this month.

While it’s not unusual for celebrities to launch drinks brands, Watson is somewhat unusual in that she comes from a family with a history of winemaking. Her father owns the French vineyard Domaine Watson, and the siblings were inspired to use some of the winemaking grapes from the vineyard to create a gin.

The botanicals and flavors of Renais include grand cru grapes, local Kimmeridgian stone, lemon peel, linden flowers, corriander seeds, angelic root and, of course, juniper berries. The gin won a gold medal in the 2023 Gin Masters and has been spotted in high-end bars and restaurants in London and beyond.

“Embracing decades of experience in the beverage industry, we’ve worked hard to turn Renais into a heartfelt tribute to the spirit of Burgundy. We’ve meticulously sourced the finest ingredients, embraced sustainable manufacturing practices and infused our family legacy into every detail possible,” said Alex Watson, co-founder of Renais. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce a distinctive and innovative gin to the US market, one that welcomes everyone into our family, and launching within California’s long-standing heritage in wine-making feels perfect.”

The brand has announced its launch into the US with a video directed by Emma, and it will be available for $65 per 700 ml bottle. It can be purchased online or in select stores in California.

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