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A bourbon inspired by a baseball legend Babe Ruth

Remus Bourbon's new release is inspired by baseball's greatest icon

Remus Bourbon

A new release from Indiana distillery Remus Bourbon celebrates one of American sports’ most iconic figures: Babe Ruth. Remus Babe Ruth Reserve is a blend of three bourbons, each high in rye and aged for between six and seven years, combined into one limited edition release.

“Remus Babe Ruth Reserve is a special collector’s release inspired by one of the most iconic figures in American history, the immortal Babe Ruth,” said Ross & Squibb Distillery Brand Manager Allison O’Brien. “Remus is inspired by the finest bourbon of the 1920’s, and partnering with the finest baseball player of the 1920’s gives bourbon and baseball fans a unique and memorable way to celebrate America’s pastime.”

The bourbon comes in at an abv of 55.5%, blended from three barrels from 2016, 2017, and 2018. The high abv helps to carry the flavors of brown sugar and fruits like fig along with the cinnamon spice that comes from the high proportion of rye used in each.

The release consists of just over 10,000 bottles — or 10,624 to be exact, which is one for each plate appearance that Babe made, and each bottle is numbered and has a QR code with information on Babe’s performance on the plate appearance corresponding to that particular bottle number. The bottle has other shout-outs to the classic era of baseball too, with a art deco 1920s style design featuring diamonds, a print of Ruth’s signature, and a baseball bat-inspired closure.

The Babe Ruth Reserve will be released to stores next month and each 750 ml bottle will sell for $150.

Georgina Torbet
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